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  Overwhelmed. Redecorating entire house
Overwhelmed. Redecorating entire house Sign In/Join 
After 20+ years of raising our 6 kids in this house, we're finally redecorating. I just wanted new floors in the main living areas but my husband is doing everything. I'm totally overwhelmed.

So far, the choices have been compromises. He chose the tile in the kitchen and dining room but I do like it. He wanted all the walls to be white. I persuaded him to use a cream/off white on most walls and also to use a deep green as an accent in the dining room and living room. I wanted hard wood, he is insisting on carpet in the living room, hallway and our bedroom.

I have an idea of how I want my bedroom and I'll let my youngest son make choices for his room but I don't know what to do with the other bedrooms or the living room. I might do shelves in one bedroom for all my books; the other two, at this point, might just remain empty!

My living room really has me stumped. It's an "L" shape and though it's big, it doesn't have many walls. I love my open concept but I have such a hard time placing furniture and making it all usable.

I don't know what my style is except, maybe, Almost Empty Nest. Every time I turn around I find I have to replace something else because my husband keeps tossing things that we might be able to reuse, like light fixtures, ceiling fans and even my range! (He gave the range away.) I want my house to look nice but I don't know how to do that. And I'm not sure I'm going to have much more than a couple thousand dollars left for decorating when he gets done with his part.

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Sounds like you and your husband have gotten the big things done (walls and floors). I would find pictures of how you want your rooms to look and sit down with hubby and discuss how to make your house look that way. Easier to do one room at a time, I think but sounds like hubby wants it all done now. As far as can pick those out later when the "dust" (?) settles.

love life
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You know, I should have been happy with the problems I had and just shut my mouth. Things have taken a really bad turn.

When we pulled up the vinyl floors in the main bathroom, we found black mold. Not surprised since all the little ones have bathed there so it's 20 years of water seeping under the flooring. Anyway, my husband gutted the bathroom and we're now putting it back together.

Here's where I'm about to lose my mind. As I mentioned, the walls are cream with a very dark green accent in the dining room (which faces the kitchen and the same deep green walls) and in the living room near the fireplace. The tiles are 17x17 brown marble (although they're not really a dark brown). My color palette is warm neutral. I was thinking maybe a dark russet sofa and loveseat, and a cream or tan recliner...

My husband went to pick up my new mattress and box springs and a large, overstuffed sectional caught his eye. I do not like sectionals and I don't care for the big bulky furniture look. Of course, he bought the sectional and was so proud of his choice. He loves it. I could live with the style because he's so into it but it's BLUE!

How do I make this blue monstrosity work in a warm neutral setting? I have been having anxiety attacks over this. I want to cry.
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Then do. Cry that is. And then sit down with your husband and let him know, in no uncertain terms, how much stress he is causing you. These are decisions that should be made together or at least with the others consent.

Stress can cause all kinds of physical problems. Don't let that happen.
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Yes, go ahead and cry. It will make you feel better. Now, that you probably feel the blue sectional and green wall go together? You might not think so but some look really good....maybe not the neutral you wanted but with the right throws, pillows, lamp shades and drapes/curtains you can still pull it all together. Make it look you planned it that way. Live with it for awhile... you may like it. If, after a few months, it really bothers you....a little paint on the walls goes a long way. Many of us have been in a delima about colors/furniture so try not to be stressed.

love life
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Thank you. I will have to try to make it work. I'm not good with color I try to stick to one color family. This is going to be a huge challenge.

I can't tell my husband that I'm stressed over this. He's really proud of his purchase and sees it as something good he did for me. He'd be crushed if he knew how much I hate it.

I think I just realized that no matter how much effort I've put into the redecorating, none of it matters as much as my husband's feelings. I guess I forgot about my priorities for a minute.

Thanks for all the encouragement. Smile
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Okay. Let me step in here a minute.
Guess who had the same problem as you? That's right -- me!
When we had our second summer home I told my DH that if he would trust me to decorate the home my way, he would be very pleased with the result and in so doing I offered him to choose the colors in the family room.
Naturally he chose the one color I truly hate -- dark blue. The carpeting we bought the house with was medium beige. On top of that he chose a dark blue Lazy Boy sectional with 2 recliners on each side.
What to do? What to do?
Well, I made margaritas out of salt.
I used a lot of bamboo pieces like a chair and ottoman with this color as the alternate
and it turned out much better than I ever realized by the time I got wall hangings, paintings and accessories. He was happy and when he's happy, I'm happy.
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