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Hi everyone. I'm a first-time poster here, but really need some help. My husband and I just moved to a new place with wood floors and a whole wall of windows, and while I have pretty much everything else picked out, I have no idea what to do as far as curtains and a rug. We really like dark colors, antiques, and classic design. I thought the curtains and rug should be patterned since everything else we have is solid. Also, we don't have a lot to spend on this stuff, so the cheaper the better. And if anyone has any thoughts on accessories, that would also be appreciated!

I made a Polyvore set ( showing what we already have. Any help would be great!

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What color are the wood floors? You sound like you will have abundant natural light which is good since your furnishings are dark. I agree a bold patterned rug is a must. It can echo some of the gray with an accent or three to brighten the palette. Be sure it is large enough to anchor your main grouping. I don't recommend shopping for it on line because monitors frequently misread colors. Carry chips or fabric swatches with you and shop locally with an idea of style, shape and size in mind. More color can be pulled from it for walks, windows, accessories around the room. Gray is a neutral so you should not be surprised what rug designers team with it from earthy reds and buttery yellows to citrus greens moody purples or pale blues.
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There are some lovely colors in the picture; a nice 'throw' would add pizazz with one of those.
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Sorry it took so long for me to reply. The wood floors are pretty worn and faded, so it's hard to tell what color they are. Also, it's rather hard to tell from the picture, but the couch is a dark gray and the chairs are actually blue.

So I guess what I'm looking for are curtains and a rug with a basic patterns, that ties the blue and gray of the furniture together (and brown leather ottoman), and perhaps adds more of the colors from the artwork. Also, I guess I don't know how to coordinate all the plain furniture and a patterned rug and differently-patterned curtains...

I've been looking around at patterned rugs and curtains but I haven't found much. A lot of the patterned designs I've seen are very modern, and we're more into the antique/classic style.

I agree that taking swatches of the colors we have is useful, but I wish I could find something fairly suitable online that I could print out and take in so I could give salespeople a basic idea of what I'm talking about...
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Hope i can help you. I would like to suggest you to go with for better picks. You can have a cheap curtains, rugs, beddings in that shopping site at the same time they won't compromise the quality. So this would be the better suggestion for your interiors. Have a pleasant and elegant room.

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