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I've only watched 3 or 4 scenes of this show, and even in that short time I've always wondered, "Where is she getting people who'll pay those 'relatively' high prices for used items.

I know she calls it an 'estate sale' but, still, she sells things I could get at a weekend yard- or garage sale (or TAG sale as some others might saySmile)... Or even a Thrift Shop.

People on this show are paying WAAAY to much for what they're getting. Reminds me of Sarah Richardson who'll pay HUNDREDS for an item I could get less than $100 - and justify it just
because it's 'VINTAGE." (Forget about the fact that she thought it was an 'antique' and it's not.)

All I know is the people in MY area will bargain you down on paperbacks you've already got priced at just .50, jewelry priced at 5.00, and DR sets at 100.00!
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We will see, I am having a garage sale, and most of my items are between 50-3.50 but there are items that I am asking 15.00 10.00 20.00. They are small appliances almost new, watches with new batteries. small refrigerator, Silver plate items. Silver custom jewerly.
So, let's see what happens, I will not have clothes or shoes,
But there are things that if they don't want to pay the price that I have set. so be it. I won't sell them.
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I saw a show this past weekend, where she had a 1950's two-tier side table, line wood (ash or birch).

I missed some of the show so she either bought it for 40 bucks (which was already too much) or was saying that with out fixing it up that it would only go for 40 bucks, because that was a 'before' price.

She cleaned it up, sanded, refinished with polyurethaned -- and priced it at 180.00. Are you serious?

Around here she wouldn't have even gotten the original 40 bucks for it. A side table? 40 dollars. Really? Uh, don't think so. Her "estate" sales are basically yard- or fancy garage sales. MAYBE a legit antique shop could get the 180.00 if some sucker didn't know any better. And there IS always that person.

But HER prices are way too high. I think they're crazy high. SUCKERS! (OK. That wasn't niceSmile) People: find out where they antique buyers go and go there. There are places you can get into. Half the time they find their stuff at yard sales themselves or at old farms maybe.

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Sometimes I laugh at the madness. The problem is the sellers don't want to waste time on a yard sale or donate the stuff and watch shows that make them think their stuff is fabulous and worth something. I have to say, estate sales are good sometimes if there is death and majority of the family lives out of state. But for the most part, what the seller gets after the commission and expenses is just about what they'd have made in the yard sale.

For the most part I find that if the family doesn't want it, no one is going to pay antique shop prices for that stuff. Estate sales should be called liquidation sales and price accordingly.
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I startd this thread a while ago....and the point still stands.

I was channel surfing and caught Cari saying she should get 350.00 for two table.

Who pays those prices for what's basically yard sale and garage sale stuff? Those buyers are getting taken to the cleaners.

I guess there are suckers born every minute.
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I was not in love with this show...I doesn't seem genuine to me at all.
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Depends on what you are selling and where. She has had on name brand wooden furniture and crystal. If these items are not scratched, dented or cracked, they would command a higher price than just run of the mill stuff. Waterford crystal in excellent condition on one of her shows was a bargain at the prices that she was charging. Replacements Ltd gets higher prices everyday. Kindel is a very good American brand, she had that on her show too, if the pieces were in good shape, her prices were reasonable. Costume jewelry, used shoes and clothes are another story entirely since they usually are priced low. There are lots of people out there who buy old clothes for the buttons or for good lace. It all depends on the goods for sale and the area. Estate sales involve hiring someone for a commission to stage, advertise and sell the goods. Most people do not have the time to set up and run a yard sale.
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I am from Mi and west Mi knows their quality furniture, as it was furniture capital and to some still is. Around my house Kindel, Baker, Herman Miller, etc. furniture will bring appropriate prices, and are not sold at yard sales, typically. Are you buying quality high end furniture at yard sales where you live? Please don't equate a Kindel piece of furniture with a 40 dollar table. Go online and check out these brands, on their websites and used. You will see this is the case.
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Susan,you are so right. I lived in Grand Rapids, Michigan at one time, and my house is full of "good" furniture. It is the norm there as that is where high end furniture is made. Thus, the reason for Estate sales,and Cari. You go to Sears for one kind of merchandise and Nordstrom's for another. If I want to sell, some things I garage sale and more valuable items,I consign. There is room for both. I like Cari's show. It is interesting to see such diverse items, who buys them, and how Cari is able to run such a difficult business successfully.
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What is the going commission price for running a Estate Sale? I find that garage sales are not for items that have some value.
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