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  choosing a selling agent
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The Relocation package for my husband's new employer includes help in selling our home. They sent two different agents to do CMAs. Two totally different agents with two totally different styles.

I get the feeling that the relocation company has rules about how the CMAs are handled. We are still waiting on the results. I'm wondering if the difference in how the agents presented themselves is due to a difference in interpreting those rules.

Both went through the home, taking notes and asking questions about different aspects and features. Both took photos for documentation. And both had a presentation packet that they left with us. Both also showed us several comps (both sold and active listings) so we could see how our home compared.

The first agent showed an interest in our home and the different unique touches and custom things I've done over the years. She commented on things done well, and when we asked questions, she offered advice on how to manage those things. She didn't mind the unfinished master bathroom renovation, and could see the potential beyond the unfinished projects. She also spent time showing us sheets with the comps, which included multiple photos so we could see how different rooms in our home compare.

The second agent spent the bulk of her presentation marketing herself as a broker/agent. She showed us her qualifications (which are impressive) and explained how she does business and what she can do for us to sell our home.
She pulled out basic MLS sheets for the comps and quickly highlighted different figures, but went over them all very quickly. She took all of them with her when she left.

We should get a report within a few days which will give us a suggested range for listing the house. (if the two CMAs are not within 5% of each other, then we will need a third). After the report comes out, we will be able to choose which agent we would like to work with.

My husband and I are leaning toward the first agent who showed an interest in our home. Even though the second agent was well qualified and we are certain that she would do an excellent job in selling the house, the first agent took an interest in the home itself, and not just the job.

Are we reacting too emotionally to the presentations? Would it make much of a difference with the current market? (low inventory)

Is there something else we should consider in choosing which agent to go with?
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tomatoqueen, I think that I would lean toward the first agent as well ~ but not for the reasons you are thinking. Of course, the only way we have to judge each agent is on your posting and that is totally subjective as you see it.

BUT it sounds like you definitely felt comfortable with the first agent ~ not so much with the second who might be resting on her laurels instead of concentrating on YOUR house. Selling your home does require a certain amount of confidence between sellers and the agent.

Go with the first agent if the second one made you feel that you were just a number on her list.... Cool
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Remember that your listing agent will not always be the showing agent. It does not matter how she sees the potential if she is not the one showing it. Beware of her praising too much and not being realistic.

I can see why you like the first one but you might want to interview a third.
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A Realtor must know how to sell "the Product" ..and to sell it to know it. Sounds like the first agent is in tune.

However I would finish any project including the master bath to get top price.. otherewise unfinished projects will be "price reducers".
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Oh- we are definitely not leaving unfinished projects. As soon as we knew we'd be selling, I got started on fixing up the master bathroom- as it was definitely the weak spot of the house! (I had been planning a major renovation and had let things fall apart as I saved up for my dream bath.... but of course, plans changed and so I had to do something!)

Anyway- the bathroom was not finished before the CMAs were scheduled- so I just let the different agents know that we were not quite finished.

I anticipate having the house on the market in 3 weeks. That gives me plenty of time to go through the house and fix anything that needs to be fixed, have the carpets cleaned, stage the home and get rid of things that I'm not going to take with me when I move.

Both agents seemed ok with the three week timeline.

I am a bit nervous about the timing of things, though. One of my married daughters, her husband and my grandson live with us. They are not moving with us- which means they will need to find someplace else to live.

They are currently working to get prequalified for a mortgage of their own, but changes in the prequalifying process have made this challenging for them. I can't put the house on the market too quickly, or they will be without a place to live. Things have to be timed so that (hopefully) we don't get an offer until they are ready to buy and able to put in an offer themselves.

It's too bad they can't afford our house!
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You need to be comfortable with your agent but you also need to view this as a business transaction. Will the relocation company be purchasing the property? or just "assisting"?

Did both agents give you references? Take a look at their websites see how they present their listings and themselves. How long have they been in the business and how much business do they do each year and how much repeat business?
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