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Picture of Waverider ;)
My neighbor told me her brother is selling his house. She mentioned this to me a couple of mos. ago. Her brother's house has 4 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms. To me, that is a liability!! I don't want/need a house with 7 bathrooms. I don't love cleaning 2 bathrooms..... I rather have a house with 7 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. I don't get the big deal about having your 'own bathroom'. Growing up, we all shared 1 bathroom, so 2 now is a luxury! I'd rather be sailing.....Would you want a house with 7 bathrooms/4 bedrooms? This is NJ, not Hollywood.....
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Picture of aychihuahua
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I wouldn't, but for a family with three or four kids, this would be just great.

Times have changed. I grew up in a household with four bedrooms and two very small bathrooms for 7 people, way back in the day. And, we all hated it.

It's wonderful not to have to share a bath anymore. DH has his; I have mine. No kids in the home.
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Picture of Charming
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I don't know, depends on the size of the house and the size and location of the bathrooms. Sounds like over kill to me.

Fun and Info
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Picture of Jewel
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I'm with Charming -- it may be overkill, but it all depends on the layout.

Let's say there's a bathroom for every bedroom plus a powder room on the main floor for guests. That's 5 bathroom locations to start.

Then, let's say they have a poolhouse with a bathroom in it. Awesome that swimmers don't have to mess up the house when needing to use the facilities. Then, add in another bath in the garage or in the laundry/mud room so dirt and grime from working outside doesn't get tracked into the house.

There's 7 bathrooms that all make sense to me despite the house having four bedrooms.
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Picture of real estate lady
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location---location---location...the firstr 3 rules of Real Estate.
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Well, 7 bathrooms would not stop me from buying a house if I really liked the house. What's the square footage of the house, do you know?

When I grew up, we had only one bathroom. That was standard for our area.

In my late teens, I met a guy who lived in a wealthy area. I must have driven him home once because I remember drooling over his house (mansion) though I was not invited into it. I asked him how many bedrooms it had and he would not tell me. He did say the house had 9 bathrooms.
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Originally posted by Jewel:
I'm with Charming -- it may be overkill, but it all depends on the layout.

Well, I'm with both Charming and Jewel on this one - totally depends on the floor plan and lay-out. Please read responses posted above including CCM's and REL's.....

Bottom line, it doesn't depend on number of bedrooms anymore re need for bathrooms; rather, it seems that the other living spaces need to be considered as well. So, in a 4 bedroom house, I would assume that would account for 4 bathrooms, another one or two for the public livng space and one for the garage = that's 7!

But, I hear you, waverider, about having to clean seven bathrooms! Funny thing is that, no, it's no more work cleaning 7 that are lightly used than taking on two "heavily used bathrooms"
so all comes down to the floor plan.

Answer to your question? No, it would not be a negative for me. Cool

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Picture of conrad
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Not really a negative for me either, depending on the layout, number of stories, and sq footage of the home.

Very much a positive to have one of those bathrooms near the garage or near the entrance to the outdoor/back yard area. This is the most important clean up space for me after working outdoors, kids playing in the yard, washing hands, etc (without tracking through the house to get to another one).
Posts: 9615 | Location: Plains & Mountains | Registered: Jun 08, 2003Reply With QuoteReport This Post
Picture of rubyruby
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wavy, I agree with others on the flow of the house, sq footage and size of family. We are in a 3/3 and the rooms upstairs have a full bath. the other room is a bonus/no closet. We never venture up nor use the bathroom, I clean it once a month..via flush and a ajax swish, brush flush. Smile
It's all good!

"In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt"
Posts: 1174 | Location: Houston, Tx Zone 9 | Registered: Jul 13, 2004Reply With QuoteReport This Post
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