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  Good area Schools bring higher sales Price
Good area Schools bring higher sales Price Sign In/Join 
Picture of real estate lady
I saw a recent article which talks abour $50.00
more per sq. ft. if near good schools. I will go back to the article and post more information,
however what do you think? Would you pay $50.00
more per sq. ft. to be near good schools?
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Picture of ga.karen
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I would think that would depend on a lot of different circumstances in each family.
The age of the children, the availability & cost of a private school, whether or not the family was able to home school and of course the house itself.

"The soil is the source of life, creativity, culture and real independence." David Ben-Gurion
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Picture of Charming
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I think that sounds pretty inflated or unfortunately in states where some schools get funding and others are left in the dust to rot, along with the students.

In our area - although SC schools are not on anyone's top 10 list of great school systems, we do not have the large disparity between schools in my area. Some do rate better than others, but overall they are all about even. So there are some school districts that are more popular, but do not have a huge impact of price per sq ft.

After writing all that, REL and Idaho - jump in here, isn't it pretty much egg and chicken?

Which comes first - more expensive homes or good schools? Many areas of the country base their school funding on real estate taxes. Higher taxes, better funded schools and also a more highly educated and higher income home owner. Lower taxes, lower incomes, lower education, more poverty.......

Do we see a nasty cycle here?

Fun and Info
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That correlation in about right Charming. Back when I sold, one suburb in my area had one of the best school districts in the state, not just our local metro area. Homes with same sf could be found elsewhere for easily $50k less, and the property taxes were almost 40% higher. Most parents in this outstanding school district had higher incomes and were college educated and expected their children to succeed as well. The state funding for students here is a set amount and those districts that provided much more had extra funding from local assessment/ property taxes.
Since I'm only a part time FL resident I'm still trying to figure out school funding in FL and why some of the public schools lag in education compared to private school and the north in general. My 30 ys of sales proved that if a home was in a very good school district, it cost more to buy in, but resale is greater.

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