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  Update on my 3 homes
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Picture of indycatCarol
The house with 21 acres closed Friday so that allowed me to pay off my new condo house. My 2nd house near my daughter should go on the market next month and hopefully that will sell in a timely manner.

I do have a question concerning selling the "farm" house. I had told the realtor earlier that the propane company said they would come out and measure how much propane was left in the tank at closing and refund me for what I paid for it. Then the new buyer could get it filled up. When my realtor asked at closing about it she was told by the other realtor (or mortgage person, I don't remember which) that as of 2 yrs. ago that was no longer allowed. So if the propane company had already come out and filled it up on a semi-yearly basis as they usually do, I would have to pay for the fill up but the new buyer would get that full tank for free.
My realtor told me later to have the propane company come out and measure it and she would pay me half of what I should have coming back to me.
Now, as far as I'm concerned, she owes me the whole amount that should be refunded. She didn't know the "new" rules.
I have not called the propane company yet to find out where they stand on this as the closing ended at 6 p.m. Friday. I will call them Monday.

I don't mind coming to work. But that 8 hr. wait to go home is a drag.
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When we had closing a few months ago, the propane was measured and they paid us for what was left. They had no obligation to fill it. This was in a different state so maybe the rules are different. Have you checked on line to see if you can find what Indiana says about it?

P.s. I believe your realtor should pay if she did not tell you about it before closing. It is her job to tell you what will be owed at closing and if she is wrong she should pay.

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Picture of real estate lady
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The propane issue should have been addressed in the sales contract.

Our state does not allow Realtors personally to pay a buyer or a seller direct inside or outside of closing. Realtor compensation "through the Brokers Office" must be disclosed in the sales contract.

This "may be" why the Realtors in your state said that was not allowed.

You can call the title co. and ask for the propane to be deducted from the sales commission check, since your Realtor said it would be re-imbursed.OR you could contact the Broker of the firm your Realtor works for and ask him to mail you a check, per your Realtors' "word".

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Picture of indycatCarol
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As I said, the propane company was the one that told me they would measure it and give me the refund. I put a call into them today but they haven't called me back.
My realtor didn't tell me this had to be done before closing. I figured it was between the propane company and me.

I don't mind coming to work. But that 8 hr. wait to go home is a drag.
Posts: 3473 | Location: Indiana | Registered: Nov 20, 2004Reply With QuoteReport This Post
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