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  What to expect from listing agent.
What to expect from listing agent. Sign In/Join 
What do you expect from a listing agent? We put the house on the market a week ago (pics added to listing last Friday) and nothing. We are listed on all usual websites, but not even a showing. Going to call our agent tomorrow, but should I even be worried? We've actually had a pretty good market here near Denver, but since this house is more rural it might take longer. I'm used to quick sells having lived closer in town with other homes we've owned.

Guess I'm just wondering when you make a move price wise and if our agent should be doing more.
I should add that we haven't had fliers made and aren't on her website yet. She's an independent broker, but we've known her many years and have done several transactions with her.

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Christy, does your agent routinely work in that area? Is it in the same board of realtors, association and/or working group as the Denver metro area? It can make a huge difference, IMHO.

Have you checked out the traffic at area open houses - hopefully new listings for your competition? Before pricing your home, did your agent present you with the standard CMA form, i.e. a market analysis?

Did you request and/or receive a written marketing plan?

One suggestion: if things don't improve and your agent is out-of-area, you may wish to consider asking her to associate in a local agent. Sounds like you have a good working relationship and can work everything out.

Good Luck!

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Takes a couple two to three weeks to get everything rockin and rollin.......but houses do sell in the first week. Have your Realtor email you a copy of the listing "as it appears in the local MLS." Then think like a buyer and see if you would buy it. Examine that listing. If not appealing -why? photos? wording? Presentation? Staging?

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christyinco, Would you consider posting the MLS so we can see exactly what other potential buyers might be seeing when they view your listing? I know that for myself, I would particularly like seeing the new actual photographs used and the verbal description. No showings AT ALL since listing a new property in that particular area would indicate to me, IMHO, that something isn't right ~ hard to tell unless we can see the listing itself as others are viewing it. Cool
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Well, just viewed the listing and it confirmed that "something wasn't right" ~ like the entire so-called "tour" starting with the mudroom! Censored

You deserve better than that "presentation" and am glad to hear that you have a good relationship with your agent. Presumably she will take steps to correct the problem ASAP before too many other potential buyers just skip right by your listing.

Thanks for posting the link: as always, best of luck! Cool
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