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I am planning to put my home up for sale next summer. I will be moving to a different city.

As of now the backyard is flat with dirt, roughly 70' x 120'. I am wondering which option i should consider:

a) simple grass, patio,trees with stone paver patio
b) same thing as above, however add a wood pergola (12' x 25') attached to the house

Would it be worth it to invest the money into building a pergola or just go simple and save money for the move next year?

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Without your location or px it is hard to tell but usually, do the minimum necessary to sell. Grass sees should be enough. But you should talk to a couple realtors to see what they say.
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Picture of Jewel
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Without seeing a picture of the back of your house along with your yard, I say to sod it and call it good.

However, if it's clear that there is supposed to be a deck or patio (and not having one would look really odd), go with the stone pavers or a poured concrete patio then sod the rest.

As far as the pergola and trees/landscaping, it depends on what is standard in your neighborhood, the price of your home, and what the comparable listings are offering in this regard in comparison to your home.
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Personally would not do a pergola, and keep the rest fairly simple, definitely sod or seeded however. Good to have some sort of patio in the back yard for a grill and seating for a start, but not too large or elaborate since you are planning on selling so soon.

Next buyer may want a full patio roof, or a screened in/or full window outdoor room, and the pergola may not mean anything to them?
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Picture of real estate lady
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Yes, I would do the Pergola large enough for a table for six plus a grill. May be the deciding factor for a buyer. I would also put a grill and a patio set out people can imagine themselves there.
Just my opinion.

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Much depends on where you live, what is standard for your neighborhood and your budget.

It is a good size back yard and that will take a lot of sod! I would suggest where possible put in a large mulched area with a few trees or bushes. Closer to the house if stone pavers is standard put in a good size patio. If, like my area poured concrete is standard, go with that.

I am not feeling the pergola, depends on the look of the house. Definitely invest in some inexpensive patio furniture to show it off.

Photos would be a big help.

Fun and Info
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Picture of rker321
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I have been of the opinion that when you are selling, to spend too much money on the house unless is really needed, is not what any seller should do.
but a sodded yard is always welcome, the buyer can do whatever they wish.
After seeing so many TV programs in which they spend thousands of dollars in the house that they are selling, it sort of reinstate my opinion that anyone should deal with what is expected taking into consideration, price,location and how much you need to take from this house.
The musts in any sale are fresh paint,declutter,nice floors and very very clean.

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As a buyer looking at a property, much would depend on the location, whether or not it is in a HOA, restrictions, etc. I would rather have a lower price and a blank slate that I could build on to suit me & my family. Some may prefer an open patio, some a covered patio, some a pergola and some a screened room...much of that would depend on the location and personal preferences.
As a seller, I would not spend a lot of money, I would reflect those items in the price at which I was willing to sell the property.
Just a clean yard would impress me more than having a lot of "stuff" in it!
But it is hard to say without seeing a picture and without knowing what region of the country you are in.

"The soil is the source of life, creativity, culture and real independence." David Ben-Gurion
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