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disclosure question Sign In/Join 
Our house is under contract, closing date next month.

On Saturday we got an unusually strong downpour. The wind blew the heavy rain into the back of the house. The kitchen window leaked. I don't know if it is because of the design of the window or the installation, but there was significant water that came into the house.

We were home at the time an got it cleaned up, no problem. Everything appears to have dried out just fine.

We had completely forgotten about this- but it did happen once before... so this is twice in 11 years. No damage because we were here to clean it up both times.

But now I'm wondering, should this be added to the disclosures?
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Is it a problem with the flashing? If you can get it repaired I would do that. However, you are correct, it is now a known problem that you should disclose.

Kind of like - you get a contract on the house and the buyers have it inspected and they cancel the contract because of issues uncovered in the inspection - a major foundation issue for example. If you fix it, fine but until then you will have to disclose it.

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So what are you asking? Are you in the clear because it dried up fine and no problem, only for the buyer to discover after they close, in shock, sopping up water from a big storm?

This is a no brainer - get it fixed professionally before closing.
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I agree, either get it fixed or disclose it; however, determining whether or not it has been "fixed" can be difficult to determine even if a "professional" assures you that it has been if it has only happened during very strong down-pours. In any event, emphasize that it has only happened twice in 11 years.

Speaking from experience as one of the very few problems we had with this new (to us) house was somewhat similar ~ literally "flooding" through all sides of a western kitchen window during the first big rainstorm once we moved in ~ then saw evidence that it had happened before. Sellers never disclosed it and inspection didn't catch it.

Took us two years to solve the problem. We started with re-doing all the flashing and caulking which didn't help. Then we moved on to actually rebuilding the exterior, window frame and window itself; still no solution.

Very frustrating since Idaho only gets about 12-14 inches of rain a year, we had to wait each time for it to rain again to see if it was fixed. Had the interior of the window frame re-stained which was ruined (again) at time of next storm.

Finally a plumber was describing to me how water works its way and suggested calling a roofer to inspect even though there was no damage re roof or attic. Called the roofer and, after inspection, he said roof was fine with no attic signs of interior water damage so he suggested calling a "gutter expert" and gave me a name.

I called, gutter expert came out and took one look and said "this is simple" ~ you need at least one more downspout and 4 different short gutters to re-direct the water. We had already spent over $3K with no results so reluctantly authorized the work for another $500 or so figuring it was a lost cause.

Surprise - hasn't leaked since even during the most fierce of storms! Sure wish someone had suggested checking out the gutter system design before we spent all that money doing the "obvious" repairs! Cool
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Picture of conrad
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Thanks, that is great information to share Idaho!

Sometimes things are easier to fix than first appear, just takes the right person to look it over, and notice the true problem.
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I would certainly disclose it with a note that it has only happened twice in eleven years. It is so easy to forget things if you have lived in a house a number of years and as we get older and memories may be faulty.

Water problems can be so difficult to find some times because of the.....watery nature of it. The source can often be at a distance from the resulting damage. You were lucky to find it IR. Too bad it took so much.
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Originally posted by conrad:
Thanks, that is great information to share Idaho!

Thanks, conrad and metwo, to be honest, I'm still a bit mif*fed at our the "experts" who we paid several thousand dollars to solve the problem but didn't ~ and very appreciative to the ones who did suggest the right solution.

Everyone with leaky windows? Check your gutter design system! Smile

As for OP, yes, definately disclose the problem and make sure it states clearly that it has only happened twice in 11 years. You won't be sorry for disclosure ~ you want this closing to go smoothly and not follow you to Oregon! Cool
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IR - We have a flat top roof over our great room that developed a leak somewhere soon after the addition was completed. We finally had a home inspector come in and use his infrared detection gun to pin point where the leak was originating because of the way it came around the windows it was hard to find.

That was a huge help in getting it repaired. Unfortunately we had to have the whole deck upstairs removed and extensive work done to correct the problem. Then after we had the house painted the idiots who power washed it broke the caulking around the windows and now it leaks during some storms.

Fun and Info
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What's with the roofs now a days? We have developed a leak in our sunrun, that it seems to scape varius roofers, with all the rain that we have been getting, I am now three weeks out in getting any roofer to come to my house to see and fix whatever is happening. Thanks for the tip, I will request that the next roofer that comes here has an infrard thingy to determine. otherwise, I do believe that they would be guessing.
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rker, it's nice to see you again! Wave

Wow, IR, I never would have guessed about gutters, or lack thereof, causing window floods. SO glad you found out.

Just goes to show, it's who you know, so to speak. Or who you're fortunate enough to meet who really knows the proper solution.
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Sorry about the issue you're having! If you are looking for professional opinions on this you could also use RESAAS, a platform where only official realtors answer questions. Give that a go here:

Hope it helps! Smile
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