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Picture of Mbbabe
I just saw the show where Jann and hubby were trying to find a safe house for her son Ben. We all want our children safe but she may unstable or mentally ill. Very sad and disturbing to watch. Someone close to her or her clueless husband should HELP.

Can Jann get someone to help her get over her fear of Ben getting hurt?

Call on her family.
Call social services in her town

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Sorry, Mbbabe, But I not only didn't see the show to which you are referring but I also would never interject my opinions about such a sensitive subject into a poll based on a television show's final edit. I, do, commend you for caring, however.

Sounds like you do care so it would be great for you to take action. Become involved in CASA, Big Brother/Sister Programs or explore which services are available in your local area and help to fill in wherever there is a need...

Always happy to see someone new post to the real estate boards; just no way I would ever put in my 2 cents on something that none of us know or understand nor have from first-hand knowledge from an edited TV program. Cool

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Are you sure his name wasn't Jackson?

Without seeing the show you're referencing and what the family dynamic was, I can't answer your question; however, it is a good topic of discussion to have on the housing boards.

How far do "some" people go these days to keep their children safe at home. Many things parents are almost required to do was unheard of when I was a child many decades ago and almost unheard of or considered "trendy" when my nephews were growing up, still a number of decades ago.

So, do you make an investment in a home based on the needs of a 2 year old, or for the long haul?

For example - this is not an at home but an insane parent (IMHO) issue. We visited a local state park that crosses a marsh area. Next to the roadway is a separated walking path with a concrete barrier on the road side and a handrail on the water side. Two children were walking on the path to get a better look at the water creature (birds and an old alligator) Traffic was at an almost standstill because the parents were following along behind the children in their SUV. Roll Eyes It is a perfectly safe walking path with parking at one end. The children were school age and should have enough common sense to walk on a sidewalk with out stepping into traffic or jumping over the rail. At least I would hope. IF you do not think your children are smart enough to accomplish that, why not park the car and walk behind them?

Fun and Info
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