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  Sarah's Hose taken off site
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ugh....I cannot believe the shows were taken off the site. US residences cannot watch her shows on the Canadian site as they use a different video interface. So frustrating.
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What happened to HGTV network. It was once my favorite, it's just marathons of shows they must pay other people to broadcast.
These shows are boring boring boring and offer no inspirations or even entertainment value to the viewer. I miss all their engaging shows and personalities, especially Sarah. As for the next
HGTV Star...what a joke. Where are they all?
All I can say is that I'm so disgusted with this snooze of a network, I'm switching to DIY.
Thanks for the utter disappointment, HGTV.
Posts: 1 | Registered: Jan 31, 2014Reply With QuoteReport This Post
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What has happened to HGTV?
It used to have such great design shows that actually informed and enlightened you about design. Has HGTV lost it's creativity and direction? Now it's just a 'house shopping' channel for very ugly Real Estate. It needs to change it's name to RETV.

I used to keep the HGTV channel on in the design showroom but now I only run reruns of Sarah Richardsons (the best designer on television now) or Candice Olsons programs when they run them.
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I find little of interest on HGTV these days. I used to watch it most of the time. Sarah Richardson, David Bromstad, the Novacheks, Genevieve Gorder, etc etc. Now it is little more than House Hunters "Somewhere" and Love it or List it . . . I, along with many of my friends, are sick to death of these shows. Put back some programming on decorating and gardening - - Home AND Garden TV. I don't want to sell my house or buy a second over-priced house anywhere but I'm always looking for decor and gardening tips and ideas. Please!!
Posts: 1 | Location: Wisconsin (summer), Texas (winter) | Registered: Feb 25, 2014Reply With QuoteReport This Post
Picture of cocok
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Before you complain...there are 4 Sarah Richardson shows still listed on HGTV. They haven't been taken off.
Posts: 7275 | Registered: Apr 08, 2004Reply With QuoteReport This Post
Picture of KAGrant
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When are they on?

K A Grant
Posts: 2 | Registered: Mar 04, 2014Reply With QuoteReport This Post
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Sarah Richardson is by far the best designer ever to be featured on HGTV. Why this network runs a constant stream of real estate shows is beyond me. If they ran a constant stream of Sarah (Sarah's House, Sarah 101, Design Inc., etc.) I would watch it 24/7! Please. Just pay the fees to Canada and give us Sarah. (BTW, I am always using the search function on DirecTV to see if there are any shows upcoming, and so far... nothing.)
Posts: 2 | Location: United States | Registered: May 07, 2014Reply With QuoteReport This Post
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