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  Knotty Pine Walls Flooring Ideas
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Don't know if this is the right forum -

So we bought a neo-colonial built in 1930 that has a 1960's family room addition on the back with dark honey colored knotty pine walls. They are tacky but surprisingly calming - I can see why ppl went that way back in the day. Anyway, the floors are very light beige carpet now and since we have a golden and two young ones, we want to do hard flooring. Don't want to do another shade of wood laminate or wood flooring for fear of living in a perpetual lake cottage or cabin-in-the-woods, but looking for other ideas. Slate? Other stone or tile flooring? And I do not want to rehabilitate the knotty pine walls - like I said, they're growing on me. Any ideas?

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I've had quite a chuckle lately. Many of us have learned how to "tune out" commercials. Don't ask which one it is...couldn't tell you...BUT, the couple is installing Wall paneling. I laughed when I saw the image since....many people have been trying to remove it all this time. I think there's a new swing to bring a lot of the past back: paneling, wallpaper, etc.

It's been said...wait awhile and styles return. This is also being noticed in clothing styles.

So....pretty sure some designer(s) will have some excellent ideas for you. OK...the challenge is on for the designers to come out of the "woodwork". Couldn't help myself.

Best wishes, Trev.
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Take a look at the commercial design rated vinyl flooring at a regular "flooring store"?

They have thicker on the roll flooring that has lifetime guarantee, overall patterns (no grids) that are great at hiding/not showing dust, dog hair, tracked foot prints, etc. Comes in all types of surface patterns too, including stone. Usually can go with no seams, but can be seamed and no visible line.
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I would say, these would look best which are Mesa Stone flooring in Beige:

Home Decor, coming from the soul.
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We recently purchased a D type log home. For those who don't know, this is a log home made with D shaped logs, with the curved edge on the outside and the flat edge on the inside. So, all of the exterior walls on the inside of the house are the logs themselves and finished to horizontal honey-colored knotty pine. The interior walls are drywall, but the ceilings are also knotty pine, as is all of the trim.

That all being said, after a lot of thought, we are going with either a hickory or mahogany in a dark reddish brown to pick up the knots in the pine and create contrast. I live in a wooded lake area and a lot of my neighbors also have the knotty pine. They usually pair it with a light oak on the floor. To my eye, it feels like being in a cardboard box. It really does need a contrast.

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Check out Lots of great ideas for vintage decorating with knotty pine.
Have fun, I still miss my kp dining room in my old house.
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Your dog will probably scratch your hardwood floors, so be prepared! There's a down side to everything. Even so, I never regretted getting rid of my carpets and refinishing my oak floors. My two big dogs both died after long happy lives and I do find that the "damage" they seemed to have done to the floors somehow "repaired" itself. Maybe the finish is now more even??? I used to despair because the entrance to my kitchen seemed to be duller than the rest of the floor due to high doggy traffic. I don't see it anymore. Maybe over the years, the doggy dirt has gone away????
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Engineered hardwood floor would be a great idea. They are less expensive than solid hardwood flooring but provide the same look and feel to the room. Moreover, they are more adorable, durable and hold up better to moisture. Visit the following website for more information:
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