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  Kitchen cabinets: white or dark cherry
Kitchen cabinets: white or dark cherry Sign In/Join 
We are planning to sell our home in the next year. We have a big kitchen with natural cherry cabinets that appear orangey. We have neutral granite and backsplash. And appliances are stainless. The floor is tiled.

I think the natural cherry appears dated. To give it a more updated look, i was thinking of having the cabinets either refinished dark cherry or painted an off white. (One decorating site claims white is more classic and appeals to more people).

Which would you recommend?
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Hi, "linluvs2chg," and welcome to the Real Estate Boards! Smile

I think it really depends on the rest of the colors that surround the cabinets. Would it be possible for you to post some pictures of the kitchen including the other rooms that are open to it?

I agree that sometimes the natural cherry can appear "orangey" and I definitely don't like "orangey." On the other hand I do like both dark cherry and/or white. I think it is a matter of balance. If the rest of the surrounding area has darker colors, the white might brighten things up.

Or, if the rest of the area is somewhat light and airy, the dark cherry might serve to anchor things and make it more cohesive.

One thing to keep in mind, though, if these are REAL cherry wood cabinets, they are much sought after ~ refinishing and re-staining them a darker color will allow the natural beauty to shine through. Painting, on the other hand, simply covers them up (making them look like any other wood) ~ you might be losing a valuable asset if you choose to paint....

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Thanks, you raise some really good points.

That is exactly the dilemma - they are REAL natural cherry cabinets with raised panel full overlay doors. And I am afraid that I would be losing value if I had them painted (though personally I love that look.) The floor is light and that I don't want to change.

It is open to our family room which is fairly large and light. I will take some pictures and post.
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"None of the above"???

Personally, I'd leave them alone. If they are in fact real natural cherry, that "orangy" look is a natural stage in the aging process. Cherry is a photosensitive species and will darken as it ages all by itself.

Obviously, every potential buyer will have their preferences but if they are a woodworker at all they'll know how cherry ages and that they'll continue to darken as they age. People actually pay big money for this in furniture.

Painting puts the cabinets one rung above particle board (which is pretty low... Wink )
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I agree with Jim to just leave them alone. Whatever you, even nothing, some people will like, some will not.

If you really want to spend money to sell, spend it elsewhere.
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I agree with others. Leave them as they are....just be sure to clean, clean, clean.
Clean sells faster than any color.
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Just give them a good polishing - Behold is good.
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