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  Moving after retiring... something to consider
Moving after retiring... something to consider Sign In/Join 
Picture of CJO
...I'm sort of regretting moving to FL because of some health issues with family in the midwest. Just came back after a serious surgery of a family member and now I feel rather sad and 'lost' as I can't be close by. It's a hard two-day drive from here and flying is not something I could afford often.

Not trying to be a 'downer', but for those considering moving away from family, it is something to think about.

I just never thought about health issues happening to one of my children...wish I had Frown
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Picture of pinecone476
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I'm sorry to read this. It is hard no matter the age. Hoping your child gets better, my friend had her parents in Fla. and it was hard when they got older and needed care. Hugs.

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Well we all go thru some sort of trauma being separated from family. My DD has always lived on the East Coast and I'm in the Midwest and the South. My son lives hours away from us in Mi. There's been some serious issues but always found a way to get there when necessary. Guess it's harder if the family all live in one place, not flung around this big country like mine is. My home is always where my DH and I live, not where everyone else is. CJO, I do hope your son gets better. With phone, texting, email and FaceTime it's easier to stay in touch with family.
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Picture of conrad
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That is true, consideration of all sorts of issues need to be looked at for the best personal decision of a location. But that said, in retirement, it is usually okay to be a little selfish..but so sorry about your family issues. There will always be the chance of this, unfortunately.

Our requirements were to be no more than a days car travel from the family (9 hours). Since we have and will have dogs it made the most sense. We also chose a mountain retirement home for our preference of the climate, year round outdoor activities, and the fact there is no problem getting the kids to want to visit us. Wink
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Picture of CJO
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I appreciate the feedback Wink Guess we all look back and think... There is no one perfect place or situation, I know. Always trade-offs Wink
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Picture of rker321
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It is always hard not to have family around. but in today's society it has become so mobile that the family has become really small. husband,wife, and children, and those children when they grow up could be around the country and that seems what we in our society have become. Not really that good, but I just don't see any changes for that in the future.
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Yes Rker, that's what we have. We now consider our close friends as our family, and they are chosen,nurtured and loved by us. Unfortunately we can't go back in time for just bits and pieces of the way things used to be.
Posts: 3162 | Location: Michigan and sw Florida | Registered: May 16, 2007Reply With QuoteReport This Post
Picture of CJO
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Close friends...that's something I 'left behind' as well and at my age it's not easy to make new friends. My neighbors don't really have the same interests or 'personalities' as mine. DH isn't into the 'friends' thing at all. I have lots of interests, but just haven't found the right 'outlet' I suppose.

I'll find the right niche maybe Smile

I dooooooo enjoy my 'board' friends (HUGS)
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Picture of Charming
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CJO, that is why we have so many "Half Backs" in NC and SC. Folks retire to FL and find it is not to their liking or too far to drive back to NY, NJ, etc. They like the milder climate here with some seasonal changes and it is a 1 day drive back home.

We also have a lot of family members relocating after the parents or grand parents move.

In many areas there are usually the same clubs and organizations you joined back home, give them a try. We also have a "Newcomer's" club that helps people meet up with other newbies to the area. Another outlet we have is some areas and professions have Meet Up groups. Go on line and check it out, you might find a meet up group of folks from your home state.

Don't forget getting involved in church and take a class at a local technical school. Most areas now has OSHER Life Long Learning Institute for adults - great classes and topics often free or low cost.

Before moving to SC we seriously considered the San Diego area but talked ourselves out of such a drastic move. It ended up a good idea to skip running away to CA because my mother was diagnosed with emphazema and lung cancer shortly after we relocated.

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Fun and Info
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