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  House Needs To Sell For Relocation
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We have had our home on the market for almost a year and have had no luck getting people interested in looking at our house. The market here is terrible because the school district is having problems passing levy's to support the school. We are at a loss as to what to do to sell this house. Since HGTV seems to focus on larger markets I think this Midwest Small Town would be a great location for someone to pay some attention to. I need to relocate for my job to Orlando Florida and we just are out of options. We recently refinanced before taking this new job so our equity was built back in to the loan when we refinanced. When we talk to the bank they just tell us we should foreclose or take a huge loss on the house. We had a Realtor for almost a year and had 0 interest in our home. I do not have a budget to do upgrades that would add enough value to the house and I feel that this house is ready to move in to. We have installed new Heat Pump heating system in our all electric home and we also have installed a new Hot water heater in the last year. House is in a great location we just cannot get anyone interested in the house. What can we do? How can HGTV help us get to our ultimate destination so my employer does not replace me? Please help us in any way possible! We are almost to the point of offering it up as a rental however we are just uneasy about that type of situation living so far away. Please help us, Disney needs me onsite to support their IT Datacenter.
Posts: 1 | Location: Sidney Ohio | Registered: Feb 12, 2014Reply With QuoteReport This Post
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I have no idea as to where Sidney Ohio happens to be, but, perhaps you can tell us. near a big city? Then, It seems to me that you had a realtor for sometime with no results. Have you sit down with another Realtor agency, and ask feedback regarding properties that sell in your area? forget the school business. whomever buys your house is already aware of that.

Is renting a possibility? rent to own? Does it mean that no homes are sold in Sidney or just your own.
We need to know in this message board a lot more information about your home. There are many Realtors in this message board that can provide with lots of good advise.
Tell us square footage, how many bedrooms, etc.
And at what price did you have your home when you had a Realtor, provide your zip code so we can taka a look at properties for sale in your area. As I said we need information about your home.
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Rent it out through a Realtor and GO!!
Posts: 9290 | Registered: Aug 14, 2007Reply With QuoteReport This Post
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If nobody has even looked at your home, then you need to face the probability that the price is simply too high. If you had a lot of lookers but no offers, you'd be thinking about what is wrong with your decor or layout. What did your realtor tell you about the listing price?

You don't necessarily have to take a huge loss, but if you have to sell, and the market has dropped since you purchased the home, then the only way to sell in this market is to take a loss.

So you can either rent it for a while and hope prices rebound, or bite the bullet and sell now, at a lower price than you would like.
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Getting help from a realtor proves advantageous while selling home. So, take that into consideration and go ahead.
Posts: 13 | Registered: May 22, 2014Reply With QuoteReport This Post
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