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  Crazy Real Estate Stories?
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Picture of real estate lady
Do you have one? I have told many here.
Getting stuck on a moving pirate ship trying to get a contract signed.

Seller dying and coming back to life at closing...freaked the closing table out!

Buyer wanting shelves for his skulls.

What's your story...?

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All three of those sound great, REL! Big Grin

Even if you have told them before, I (along with many others) haven't heard them yet, so please tell! I'll post my own crazy story in a bit when I have a little more time but would love to hear yours in the meantime! Cool
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I want to know how the relatives are doing, too, IR!
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Yes, REL you have the best stories.
How is the family doing, maybe you don't know, no news is good news kind of thing.
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Picture of real estate lady
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Okay this is one of my favorites IR..
It's the Skull story...
..somewhere back in time,a sign call came in . That's the best type of call because you know the potential buyer is half sold liking the neighborhood as well as the house exterior. So out the door I go rushing to a showing appointment.

I waited and waited, then up comes a big black Harley rumbling through my client's yard up to the front door where I was standing! A mass of black leather moves toward me. I was sure I came face on with a member of H * l l 's Ang*ls. A gorey printed T-shirt secured that very thought. I started thinking about that pre-qual letter I should have gotten first, for sure.

Instead of his hand, I remember shaking his finger introducing myself, trying to maintain my dignity. T motioned him inside, while I returned a important fake phone call "on the porch"...not to mention the worry of a "vacant" house.

Then,a few minutes later, he motioned me "in" saying.. he wanted to show me something. I reluntantly stepped in with one hand tightly on the door and he he annouces this.."all these built in shelves would be great for my skulls "!!

Well, I almost killed myself getting out that door, flying over the porch and landed somewhere onto the ground yard safety. Surely, I thought, I was about to be cooked with some Fava Beans!

So the biker comes out the door half laughing, and half apologizing explaining he was a hunter and collected animals skulls. Well, thank you for that, I told him - as you just scared the living life out of me! Well,he said.. I want to buy this house.

Somewhat relieved, I asked he follow me back to the office, wrote the offer, and he totally qualified to buy the house.
Turned out Biker buyer was one of my lenders' brothers, who failed to forewarn me about the brother referral, however lender asked a week or so before to send him a list of houses in a particular area. Didn't give it a thought at the time.

Transaction was smooth,and needless to say, I wasn't stumped on what to get for a closing gift for this buyer and Oh, was gift- wrapped! As he started to unwrap it after closing - I said.. "best to take the critter home with ya and put it on the shelve"!!

Aaahh, I love being a Realtor!

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Picture of lady of shallot
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Some years ago a realtor had an appt to show a house in this area. It was in an isolated spot and she was murdered.

Another one told me by a realtor friend is about a couple who bought a house that a murder/suicide had taken place in. Maine does not have a disclosure whatever it is and when the person found out, their culture would not permit buying such a house so they lost their deposit (don't think it was anymore than that)

I'm not a realtor but I have had lots of friends who have been. One man had a real strict cut off of the number of houses he would show anyone

He did very well, but then he owned the business.
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Picture of real estate lady
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Lady, yes, I have had my share of close calls, however, take precautions at all levels, which is life saving. My car is loaded with unique anti attack stuff. I fight like a girl, but kick like a guy as I am quite the tomboy. I usually do not show property without a pre-qual, unless they are referred to me by a previous client or a friend.

My latest close call was a call from a buyer, who gave his name and address as well as phone #. The # was not blocked. He said his wife had taken his car to work and her car was in the shop. He named his specific beach location and wanted me to pick him up to show him upper crust property. My seventh sense told me no, so I didn't.

Two days later, on the news, a Realtor in my locale was beaten and robbed, left for dead. The same story line was given as well as the exact address of the attacker.

He had broke into a winter residence of a northern owner and had lived there for about a week.


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Picture of CJO
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I'm still too stressed/traumatized to tell mine...HAaaa (not, ha actually). However, I did tell them on here at the time.

I admire you realtor must have guts/nerves of steel; I'd never survive the stress.

OK, coming back to briefly share:

Night before closing, 'buyer' backed reason given

Buyer short on money and we actually lent it to them...they finalyyyyyyyyyy paid it back; DON't ever do that!!!

Buyer left state a few days before closing and when finally found, they were buying something else!!!!!!!!

Buyers' lender lost all paperwork a few days before closing

A bad realtor sold a property out from under us for a cheaper price to his friend.

We've moved a lot and it's neverrrrrrr, everrrrrrr been smooth!!!!!!!

The last house selling/closing put me in the hospital system just wouldn't function. I was given meds which put me flat out in bed for two days...couldn't even do final cleaning or help when movers came. Luckily, I was able to go to closing and then drive our loaded car through Atlanta to our new destination. DH was driving the other one. That's been over a year ago and frankly, I'm still having health issues: my back went clear out and I just had another colon attack a few days ago.

Thank the heavens we have not had company...I think that would have put me in my grave. One couple did ask to come this month, but DH must have told them it wouldn't be a good idea as they have decided to come next year instead.

Sorry if this is TMI, but it's the reality.

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