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  3 years on the Market- HELP!!!
3 years on the Market- HELP!!! Sign In/Join 
Our home has been on the market for 3 years (minus a month or 2 here and there). Its a beautiful home, lowered the price considerably, the biggest drawback is it sets on the back of the lot (no backyard) next to the neighbor. What can I do to market this home in a better light? This is the MLS# to take a look at
MLS: 98697 Thanks for any advice.

We are also working on building a privacy fence to help ensure privacy better.
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Nice home!

I do see some no or very low-cost staging opportunities, if you're interested.

What's happening with the competition and in your local area?
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I am interested in any advice that can be given. The area began with 500 listings. Down to around 300. I am told that things are slowly beginning to move. Our home has been shown multiple times, everyone saying they love the home, but hate that it has no backyard. That is not something I can change. We are going to try to put up privacy fence in the next few weeks. It was never a concern to us, because our neighbors are wonderful and someone we knew personally before they moved in. Any advice is welcome.
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Have you reviewed the current comps (closed sales) with your realtor? And, have you visited your current competition, with a buyers' hat on, to get a feel for your market?

At this point, your home's probably considered a seriously stale listing. Any offers might be significantly below your asking price. If the market slows down this time of year, you might consider taking if off the market to prepare it for the next big selling season and hopefully remove a little of that stigma.

I would prioritize your curb appeal by sprucing up the lawn, evening out the bushes and adding some color - maybe a bed or two.

The front porch s/b welcoming. You could possibly use some color there, too (e.g. pots) and a small sitting area, e.g. a table plus 2 chairs. Your current chairs appear random.

You might also consider sprucing up the paint job, say by adding another accent color and painting some of the trim.

In the house, I would neutralize all the paint colors, removing any borders. Next, I'd pack away all the knick-knacks and other small items, eliminating any boxes and extra furniture. The rooms may feel much larger without a few of the heavy furniture pieces, if possible.

I'd also eliminate all the personal items, photos, UK banners, etc. Would also remove the country decorating accents. Basically, you want the home to be clean, decluttered and depersonalized so another family will be ready to move their personal items in.

You're selling the real estate so it's best to show it off by removing distracting items and extra furniture to have as much "walking around space" as possible.

After doing those no or low-cost, high impact tasks, you could think about sprucing up in a few areas, e.g. adding a backsplash in the kitchen, possibly neutralizing and/or standardizing some of the window treatments, etc.

Can't see much of your deck or backyard so not much to say. You might have at least one piece of extra furniture there, too. Is that a swing of some sort? It appears to prevent the buyers from walking around the deck to get an idea and feel for its size.

When you put it back on the market (and now, too), you'll need to keep everything spotlessly clean for showings with all stray items stowed. You'll want to have new photos taken, too.

Hope some of the above helps. It's only MHO and quick thoughts after seeing your photos. Good luck!

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The first thing that jumped out at me was, remove the wreath on the front door. The second thing was the paint color inside. Repaint to a neutral. There's too much going on with the paint color.

I don't know if this is allowed in your area and it might be expensive to do so but I was wondering about fencing in the front yard? I couldn't see the back yard, or lack of it, so can't comment but if the front yard were fenced in, it would be a safe place for kids/dogs.

Also, maybe in the private listing notes, your realtor could say something like, great neighbors. Not sure if that's allowed, though.

Best wishes and keep us in the loop.
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I would not go the expense of a privacy fence. It will make a samll yard look even smaller. Of course we have not seen it so that is a general statement. Can you post a px of just the back yard area?
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Picture of real estate lady
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A Jack--

Hi there--
I viewed your home on I thought the home had great curb appeal with that fantastic porch, and I would have your Realtor talk about that porch in the listing. When I write a description I try to accent the this case..something like..enjoy Lemonade on your wrap around front porch while watching family and friends play touch football in the oversized front yard.
Just a thought.

It is good to try to have the prospective buyer imagine themselves living there. Instead of maybe starting out the listing description with "nice home"..start out with "Wrap around porch highlights this 4 BR/2 bath with sprawling front yard." That first line description may keep the buyers eye on this listing reading on..instead of flipping to the next house online. You've got like 5 seconds to grab the attention of a prospective buyer or you lose them online. The first line description is KEY.

Try to have this conversation with you Realtor. It's a good tip.

Next, I would use your money for an interior repaint. Your paint decor too taste specific
and the sooner you go neutral,the better, in my opinion --traffic flow wise. Buyers are looking for move in condition-most really don't want to take time to repaint before they move in and they don't want to move in until they paint.
That's a problem when time is of the essence.

Just my thoughts....good luck to you! REL

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You moved there for a reason and you enjoyed many things about the home. There is another person out there that feels the same. You can't create things that are not there. Focus on what you enjoyed about the property and market to those groups. If you can spruce up an outdoor area, do so, but remember that there is a difference between a defined space and a cluttered space. Do not cut off a space. If someone is looking for a spacious backyard for the dogs, a fence is not going to make your yard look any more spacious. Pointing out a local dog park or doggy events might be a better alternative and spruce up the yard with a small patch for a veggie garden (small patch).

If you are going to spend any money, first check with your Realtor about putting that cash to its best use. Kitchen, baths, living areas do sell a property, but it must fit your home and the current market.
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