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  Help Decorating New Dining Room!!
Help Decorating New Dining Room!! Sign In/Join 
I have put together a very neutral color base to start. Think of it as a blank canvas to start. I need help with color choices. I have posted some pics of our living room for reference to see what colors I used-Clay and beiges. I am looking to keep a contemporary look in the dining area. Am waiting on a new chandelier to come in the one installed is very basic. Not looking to spend a ton of money on decor but need some ideas please. Rug is ivory, chairs are upholstered linen have accents of grayish in them but are supposed to be beige. Both the table and side (sofa table) are espresso. Floors are dark with a tiny bit of reddish tint to them. I need some good advice for how to pull these rooms together and what colors to use so PLEASE HELP!! I appreciate all your time. Ideas of curtains, decor etc will be especially helpful please include pics of items i can buy if possible. This room is an odd shape (dining room) it is a half square because the one wall is at a slant. I have positioned the two extra chairs in corners of the room i was thinking of putting a small pillow on each chair. Also we cannot paint the walls at this point until our silly drywall warranty is up next year so painting is out of the question, sorry Frown Also we are in the process of changing out the chandelier was thinking Drum type but am up for suggestions too. Thanks in advance for all your help!!! Smile

Here is the photo bucket link to view the two rooms:
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Just my own opinion but those red curtains and pillows on the sofas (too many of them) are jarring to me.
I would much rather see a monochromatic scheme sticking to the beige/grey/espresso/white scheme and then throwing in one color of your choice for pop if you want to with an accessory item (vase, pillow, bowl, etc.)
Your place is lovely.
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Is your table really that big? It looks like you can barely squeeze through to the door.

You need things on the wall in my opinion. Agree with too much on sofa.
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Welcome. Lovely canvas thus far. A few observations tho...

The spaces lack print interest except for a couple of striped pillows. Shop for window treatment in the dining room that marries the existing neutrals with a punch of accent. A Roman shade would evoke the contemporary feel without taking up much space. Later, you can pull an accent from this inspirational print for your walls upper portion. The accent color should be echoed in the living room via an a era rug and/or accessories.

Also, I noticed that the rug under your dining room table could be wider so that the side chair's legs don't get caught up when pulled out for seating.

Be on the lookout for large contemporary art that speaks to you over time and travels to bring in more color and pattern interest upward.

BTW, I would not place pillows on the two dining chairs.

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Could you rearrange your dining room? Put your table straight, with the console table on the wall on the left side when you are facing the kitchen? (Wall with stairs behind it.) Or Console in front of the window if enough room. Chairs could be two on each side of the table and one on either side of the window/console Pictures on the wall, neutral drapes or sheers, larger rug and you will have a pretty room.

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love life
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