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I am so struggling picking what to paint our house, my husband wants to get this done, and I just am not good at picking and need some advice, I am attaching a picture of our house, its currently cream, with grey trim, and a dark charcoal roof, I think I like the houses with white trim, but again our garage is white, will white trim look bad right against a white garage? And I'm not a huge fan of blues, and I don't know what else might look good with the dark roof, A green maybe? A sage or darker green? Any advice is appreciated thank you!!!

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Picture of conrad
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I'd start with identifying the things I am not apt to paint. What are your garage doors? (if they are insulated/steel clad/factory painted), I would not want to paint them) What are your window casing trim colored and made of? Same with the gutters and downs? If you can work with a white on these it is helpful.

With a charcoal roof you can pretty much choose most colors and be okay. I would look to two colors fairly close on a color card, but different in value enough to not look like a mis-match? Taupes, Caramels, Beiges can be nice and can easily blend with some white trim, for example.
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you can go with dark green trim that would be inviting and apt i think..

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Picture of Froo Froo
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I agree that your gray roof offers flexibility of scheme. If you desire white trim, are you also open to changing the cream to another color? If so, consider a more yellow color for the facade, but not too bright. Coupled with the white trim, your home will look crisp and vibrant from the street. BTW, I prefer to paint the front facing garage doors the same color as the house so that they disappear. Optionally, keeping them white and upgrading them to carriage doors with black iron hinges and handles will be an attractive feature. Your front door should stand out so options could be a black with white trim, an earthy orange or brick color, dark gray to name a few. Shutters can be white, dark gray, black or the door color depending on your other choices.

Drive around your area and observe similar houses with gray roofs. Note the scheme that appeals to you factoring the sunlight exposure your home experiences. Also, paint stores offer free brochures suggesting palettes that compliment for inspiration.

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I would like to see either an ivory/butterscotch or taupe-ish grey with the charcoal roof and white trim.
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