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  Dark wood in a light room
Dark wood in a light room Sign In/Join 
I recently moved into a basement rental room and am having trouble figuring out how to decorate it. I love natural light and I actually have a large window, but because of the way it is placed, I still don't get much light. I've been drawn to light casual or beach design because it is relaxing, but still seems pretty bright. The only problem is, I have medium colored wood frames and all of the inspiration rooms I have liked have white frames. They aren't very attractives, so I have been trying to figure out how to cover them up, but haven't come up with anything good. I'm wondering if there are any easy temporary fixes (like maybe a temporary paint??) or if there is some way to incorporate the dark wood into the design. I'm looking to paint my walls a very light green blue or blue, but can't figure out how to incorporate the wood. Please help!
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Hi Michaela!

Embrace paint! Remember if you paint something and don't like it, you can always repaint it! That's the beauty (it's not permanent). There's nothing that sandpaper and a can of paint can't fix. Go for it and paint away your frames white!

They will look fab and so will your room!
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I would love to, but it's a rental and I'm not actually sure if the frames are real wood, so not sure if I actually can fix it.
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You can get a light,airy look without doing white window frames. Remember your inspiration px's are supposed to be just inspiration and not copied. Concentrate on the things that you can change. Maybe consider a mirror placed to reflect the light from the window. Light accents , plenty of light, etc.
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Check out Arts & Crafts homes. A staple of them is natural wood yet there are lots of rooms with light walls. I had light rooms with dark wood moldings in my last house. Never saw it as a problem. There's ideas out there-just need to find them!
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Team the dark wood with light colors evoking the feel you seek. Mix in some painted furniture, even wicker to balance the dark.

Definitely place a mirror strategically to double natural light. Beef up artificial light at varied levels and intensities. If privacy is an issue at the window, apply a decorative film to the glass which can be easily removed once you move.

Use fabrics to carry the scheme and feel you seek. Pull a color for the walls that works in the lighting. Keep in mind that warm colors or colors with warm undertones (ex, tropical blues, citrus greens) help in spaces with limited natural light.
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