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  Dark green sofas
Dark green sofas Sign In/Join 
I want to lighten up my living room, but have to keep my dark green sofas (they are nice looking and a nice shade of green). Should I use a light shade of green on the walls or a creamy off white color? I'm open to suggestions. I would love to have a coastal/beachy looking room, but my sofas are in the way. Please help.
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Welcome to the boards. You might get more responses if you post this under General Decorating. It would also help if you could post a picture of the couches. It helps to see the actual color in its "natural habitat".
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Agree about posting photos.

Lynn, if it were my room, I would color match the sofa's green and then go a couple of shades lighter down the paint chip for the wall paint, i.e. a slightly lighter green.

BTW, I suggest you work with one of the major paint lines. The cheaper ones don't carry enough shades (IMHO) and may not have the personnel to assist you.

If, OTOH, the walls were painted in off-white, the sofas would stand out (high degree of contrast) so I doubt that will help you get the beachy feeling you want. Using a lighter green with less contrast, as suggested above, should give the room a calmer, more restful feeling, IMHO.

Before starting to paint - or anything else - I would select an inspiration item (e.g. a rug) or fabric to lighten up the room. For example, you might select a fabric pattern with a creamy, white base and your sofa's green as an accent. It could be used for pillows and other miscellaneous items to lighten up the room, giving it your desired beachy feeling.

The fabric could also contain another accent color and will help you as you shop for other items for the room. Besides lighter pillows, you might consider angling an off-white throw on the sofa.

Would love to see your photos. Hope something was helpful - it's JMHO. Good luck with your project.
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I prefer to pick paint colors after I have settled on a key fabric. I would go shopping to see what's being sold. Window treatments, rugs, pillows,etc. Whatever has your particular shade of green in it. Chances are what one company is pairing up as the "combo du jour" other companies are doing the same. Like right now emerald and yellow is popular in fabrics, or maybe you'll find a dark green with an icy blue that will give you your beach feel.

Paint comes any color you want, unless you're weaving your own fabric you'll have to deal with the color combos textile mills are producing. So settle on something you like and build your scheme from that.
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I had dark green sofas in my living room at one time. I painted the walls a cream color and had gold chairs. I had hardwood floors and dark walnut tables and cream colored drapes. Had compliments on the room.

love life
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I too picture a creamy white wall with your hunter(?) green sofas and then follow through with lots of cream in the room with accessories, throw rugs, pillows, accessories.
If you want to do wood flooring instead of carpeting, I would suggest looking into blond bamboo floors which would go perfectly with your scheme.
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Picture of Hellen K
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I prefer creamy white color. This is a good choice to lighten up your room. And it will match with your coastal/beachy looking room.
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I'd love the creamy white, too. The reason I suggested a slightly lighter shade of the green was that your sofas will stand out, i.e. be highlighted with more contrast, against the creamy white.

Thought you were interested in minimizing the sofas b/c of the thread's title.

If you're still around, Lynn -
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You can go with light color walls and have some hangings in your wall related to your sofa color. Apart from this you can have some comparable curtain colors in your windows this would enhance your room. I would like to suggest you to go with for further references. you can have number of collections there..

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Picture of Froo Froo
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Without seeing the green it is difficult to advise, but they do not sound like they would lend themselves to a beachy feel. If so, have you considered slip covering them in perhaps a cabanna stripe, ticking or a white fabric which lend themselves to the coastal look. This way, you have a lighter canvas. Then shop for an accent chair, a rug, pillows, window treatment that evoke the feel you seek in colors typically used in beach houses. Your space will need color and print interest in any event. Do not go too literal, but instead allow the palette and subtle seaside prints reflect the feel you seek. Important too is to draw the wall color from the fabrics you select factoring in lighting, contrast to furniture and flooring.

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I agree, I would go with either a cream color or maybe a tan. Have some decorations that brings in the sofa color to bring it all together.
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