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  Unifying the whole house
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My house has an open floor plan with a long entry hall, followed by formal living & dining rooms, then family room, kitchen/breakfast nook. Currently the entire house is painted beige. I don't dislike the color, but its a lot of the same color and the spaces don't feel defined.

I've decorated the formal living room with red and gold based on the colors in a large painting I hung in there. The problem is I don't really like red so I don't want to carry it through the whole house. But I also don't want that room to seem out of place.

I'm considering painting the different living areas in various shades of the current beige (moving up and down the color chip basically). I'm wondering if that will accomplish my goal of defining each space without making it feel disjointed... or if it won't make much of a difference in which case its a waste of time/effort/money. Also would I then be able to use different accent colors in the other spaces or am I sort of stuck with this red & gold now?
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I'm considering painting the different living areas in various shades of the current beige (moving up and down the color chip basically).

Depends. That can sometimes work, sometimes not. It's all about the quality of light. I've seen homeowners try that color strategy only to find out that, because of the light, all the rooms ended up looking like exactly the same color. So, it ended up being a waste of time/effort.

There's no secret to making the single strip of colors strategy work. Meaning, don't pay attention to tips like make sure there is a 10 point difference in LRV from color to color, etc. Because that's nonsense.

If you want to try using one strip, the only thing you can do is test the colors. I recommend the 24/7 color test which means give yourself a week to evaluate the colors at different times of day.

And, no, I don't believe you're obligated to thread red and gold accents throughout the whole house just because you've used that palette in one room to relate to a single piece of artwork.

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