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  knock out rose ?
knock out rose ? Sign In/Join 
the home we bought has (had) huge bushes and I'm in the process of cutting them back. Is this the wrong time of yr?? I've never had them always had minis and tea and I cut them back any time.
these roses also have lots of thorns on the stems especially on the new growth. I've never seen so many thorns!! Is that normal for knock outs?
Please tell me I havent killed them. There was so much dead inside them they needed cleaned up.
Nothing like asking the question after the damage is done is there. Frown
Thanks for any help.

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Picture of theoriginalfluffy
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When I had knockouts, I could prune them any time of year but they did get a lot of leaves drop after I pruned them this time of year. It might have been because they didn't get enough sun though because they were shaded once the surrounding trees got their leaves, but they always sprung back. They were really tough.

What you are saying about the thorns though concerns me. There is something called rose rosette disease and one symptom of that is that the thorns go into overdrive. Here is a link that shows pictures of what it looks like. I hope that is not the case for your roses.
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I agree with fluff - I don't think you hurt the knockouts at all.....they are tough. I prune on mine all year long to keep them within bounds and they always bounce back.

BTW - mine are t***** too - and I don't think I have that rose disease - no other signs of it. Excess thorns might be an issue though.


edited: good grief, what would be offensive about the word t-h-o-r-n-e-y? They put the *** there, I didn't.

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Thanks fluffy!!
Shoot that is what they have. I've wondering if I cut them to the ground use Sevin (that was recommended on the web sight) if it will help. I'll try anything. I sure hate to loose them.
VE you never know what they are going to correct!! Crazy!

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SB, look up the growth habit of knockouts before you cut them any further and use a poison. They have more thorns than a normal rose bush like a mini or tea roses. Mine have LOTS of t h o r ns but they don't have that disease.
I prune mine at all times of the year too, no problem. Just don't prune them right before a frost/freeze.

"The soil is the source of life, creativity, culture and real independence." David Ben-Gurion
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