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  How to get green between patio stone
How to get green between patio stone Sign In/Join 
Picture of shook29
DH and I are planning on putting down some flagstone and like the look of moss growing between the rocks. Problem is, we have no shade and it will be in afternoon sun. What can we plant between the pavers to get that look and will grow quickly?

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There are a lot of what they call "steppables" at the garden centers. Or google it. Saw some on a pathway in NH that only grows 1" that might be doable for between my stones. I'll check the name and get back to you. I know lots of people use thyme....
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I was going to say that I have moss growing between my patio stones on the south side of my house but thought you might not believe me so I googled this site that tells about moss: http://www.mossandstonegardens...spelling-moss-myths/

I didn't plant the moss, it just appeared and I've left some of it. I also deliberately planted creeping thyme which will take over if I let it. I cut it back late spring and last week ripped out much of it as it creeps along until it takes over a large area. While it grows quickly it's also easy to remove if it grows too fast or where you don't want it.

Stepables is a great site for low growing plants that can be walked on. They are in many stores so easy to find:


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Picture of owie
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Well that site sure told me how wrongly I thought about moss. I always thought it needed plenty of shade and moisture. That is a great site to read.
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Even tho it looks pretty>

Moss on rocks and pavers: Another tricky issue. Some gardeners like the look of moss growing on rocks. It can be attractive in certain gardens. But if it is growing on pavers or stepping stones, you might inadvertently create a hazardous condition. Moss is slippery, as you know. Cleaning stepping stones is difficult. I would not recommend using soap powder and bleach in a garden. Careful use of a high pressure hose is probably a better suggestion than chemicals in the garden. Or just carefully scrape it off with a garden tool.

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