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Because of the heavy snowy winter there's not a lot to do except housework. LOL So yesterday went to the library and picked up some gardening books. One by Armitage-Garden Perennials. Has anybody seen this one? And do any of you out there read many gardening books. Which are your favorites?'s snowing again! When will it end???!!! Sigh,,,
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I had to drive back home from work yesterday (1/2 hour) and by the time I got out of my appointment, I couldn't make it back to work. Staying home and reading by the fire would be a joy compared to driving in the snow.

In answer to your question, it occurred to me that I don't have any gardening books. Must look into that since I'm dreaming of spring.......

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Jan, I read gardening magazines, but usually not garden books. At least you have found a way to pass those long inside hours, other than watching the snow fall. Enjoy!

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I seldom read gardening books. I may look something up but most of them just don't hold my interest due to them being area specific.
What works for some of those authors may or may not work for me. I also find some of them kind of limiting. They don't want to "try" things because they have been told or "science" says something won't work in their area. Well, sometimes those things DO work where they aren't supposed to.

I started reading Rachel Carson's "Silent Spring" yesterday. And yes, I should have read it years ago but didn't.

I prefer gardening/farming magazines. My favorite is Acres USA...which is directed at sustainable farming but has articles we ALL can use in both our veggie gardens & flower beds. LOTS of good info in it and not near as much advertising as some magazines.
If anyone wants, there is a place on their web site to order a sample copy.

"The soil is the source of life, creativity, culture and real independence." David Ben-Gurion
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