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  Watermelon question
Watermelon question Sign In/Join 
I'm planning to try watermelon this year; are they available as plants? I've only seen them in catalogues as seeds, is this because they are tricky to transplant or just so easy to grow from seed?
I've not had much luck with seeds of anything; last year I planted okra and carrots twice and had little or no growth.
I'm thinking of Sugar Baby but also considering seedless; are seedless any more difficult?
How many melons per plant should I expect?
I have a space about 5x7 ft.

Any input would be appreciated.

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First, it's easier to plant seeds than to transplant the plants...and transplanting is not always successful..been there/done that & only 1/3 lived.
Second, one plant could easily cover your 5X7 expect it to go "out of bounds".
DH did some sugar babies in an old pile of grass clippings & manure last year. I think he got 4 melons but not sure how many plants he had. They were good!
I've never tried seedless.
But expect 2 melons per plant & if you get more it's a bonus.

One year I raised those long, light green watermelons. I had quite a few of them & one weighed in at 90 wonder I couldn't lift it off the ground. Gave them away as there was NO WAY we could eat 6 of those huge things at once!
We had spread horse manure on the garden in the previous fall and I used both straw & grass clippings as mulch that year...mulch was mainly to keep the melons from rotting on the ground side!

"The soil is the source of life, creativity, culture and real independence." David Ben-Gurion
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I have seen watermelon transplants at some garden centers but not many. There are a few that will have melons, cucumbers, squash, and other started plants that go beyond tomatoes.
If left to sprawl watermelons can take up a lot of garden space, but they can be trellised although that can be more work.
how many depends on how good your soil is and the weather, as well as how the pollinators are doing in your neighborhood.
This link may be the easiest way to get you the information you need.'

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