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  still waiting for blooms
still waiting for blooms Sign In/Join 
Picture of junk collector
I planted several picotee morning glories this spring, and while the vines are glorious, I'm still waiting for blooms. My goal is to get an established growth from self seeding, so I spread another two packs of seeds. Only one neighbor has morning glories and the little bunch self seeds and self starts every year, so I think the germination process started sooner, but it's August 1st tomorrow and I still don't have blooms Frown

How long does it take to establish these? Does growth from volunteers occur quicker than planting? I had one vine on the ground from last year's seed, but that didn't last. I planted in my cauldron and my two built in planters. Vines are reaching two feet in length and climbing.

Should I spread seed this fall to ensure early growth next spring? Worried I won't get seeds this fall.
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Depending on where you are, your blooms may be later. I know I don't expect mine to bloom much before late summer type weather here in 5b. Give it more time. The seeds are annual and like not to be transplanted. I wouldn't try fall sowing them.
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I agree with Jan. Even here in the upper south, my morning glories are just beginning to bloom. The vines still aren't as full as normal either. One factor has to be our weird weather here, but they are late bloomers.

Hang in'll get blooms before the month is over.
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Picture of junk collector
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Thank you both. I'm just wondering how my neighbor has such beautiful blooms and I've got nothing! I asked her what she does and the answer was "nothing". I'm sure she waters but otherwise it is a free for all. Beautiful vines and blooms cover the mailbox.

I had a much better response from seeds this year, I think because I spread hundreds and planted in multiple locations. Best spot so far is my old cast iron wash pot. Likely it holds water better than the built-in planters.

I'll try to be patient Wink
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