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Picture of shook29
plant these? 9 plants in one pot? Do they plant them all at the same time and how do they not get root bound? As hard as I try, my planters never turn out like that. What's the secret?

ETA pic...oops!

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Picture of patty louise
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I have no idea how they did that. No, my pots never look like that either. I feel good if I can get 2 things to grow in one pot.
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You plant them when they are small and it's a large container. The cannas will have height when they are new but not much width. The sweet potato vines and sage are usually in 4 inch pots, etc. You can get good ideas at the Proven Winner website. Look at the "recipes" section and they will show the finished product and then a planting diagram. The picture is the pot at its peak bloom time. Also, you must feed the plants a lot to get them to look good. I use a slow release fertilizer, Osmacote in mine to keep the flowers going. They are also kept very well watered.
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I also wondered the same thing because elephant ear bulbs are huge. Thanks for asking

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Picture of zone9alady
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Start with small plants then lots of feeding and watering! Plus they only look that good for a few months then you start over.

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Picture of jvelo
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I think they look nice but I'm sure are rootbound (the cannas alone multiply like crazy) very early in the season.
These are fine if you're going for instant color (say if you have an event planned the next day or week), but I prefer to give the plants room to grow, and save some money too.

And water/fertilize less often. Rootbound plants need LOTS of watering if they get a decent amount of sunshine.
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Picture of Wavy
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I'm just curious, where was this photo taken? Was it an actual photo from someone's house? OR... was it a picture in a magazine? Was it a display feature in Good Housekeeping Magazine? (like an 'after' shot) If it's taken in a magazine, I would be skepical. My DD does Photo retouching and wants that as a career. She has Photoshop computer programs, etc. I would only believe it wasn't 'retouched' if it was actually photographed from a real person's house, and not from a book or magazine. Otherwise, I would be a little suspicious how you could get every single individual flower SO PERFECT, ya know? If I tried that, I would have maybe 2 beauties, and the others possibly not blooming, or past their bloom times, or just plain ugly-looking.

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