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  Inpatient Outlook for this year ?
Inpatient Outlook for this year ? Sign In/Join 
I am really looking forward to the summer season and planting flowers. One of our favorite flowers are inpatients. Unfortunately the past couple of years this flower has had an issue with disease where we live in the North east part of the country. Has anyone heard anything about the future of this flower for the upcoming planting season? I know it is really early but I like to have a plan in place. I appreciate your suggestions and help! murphman
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Check with your agricultural dept. in your area.Mass or UNH has a lot of great info. Impatiens were not doing well at all last year due to that disease, so I'd check first before buying any. It stays in the soil and contaminates everything making the soil to be removed entirely to get rid of disease. Good luck.
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I have seen thus far says the problem with
Downy Mildew on Impatiens (There is no T on the end, although if one starts them from seed one may become impatient) is still a major problem that has not been solved. Grow New Guinea
Impatiens is what every article I have seen is recommending.

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I planted them last year & had no problems. Will do so again & keep my fingers crossed!
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I've switched to begonias so I won't have to worry about the impatiens...nice shade flowers, too.

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New Guinea

You would LOVE New Guineas! Before you plant, be sure to read about them. I even had a pot of them one year. So pretty and easy to keep.
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This question was just asked in one of my garden magazines. The answer was: This disease causes complete defoliation or collapse of plants. It is esp. destructive in cool, moist growing conditions. Do not plant impatiens in gardens that were previously infected with the disease. Instead, use the highly resistant New Guinea impatiens, or a non-related plant suited to the same growing conditions. Fortunately, universities and nurseries are working on this problem. Growers are watching for signs of the disease during the growing process to help keep infected plants out of the garden. There are fungicides labeled for controlling the disease, but they must be applied before the plants are infected. Once the plants are infected, these fungicides are not effective.

So, according to this article, it's still not safe to plant them.

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I had some diseased ones 2 yrs. ago, but mine were in pots. All that soil went into holes in the yard where tree roots had rotted not a place I would plant anything else.

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Thank you for all of the helpful information. I really appreciate it. I was hoping for better news to be honest. Thank you everyone!
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