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  New to gardening and yards...any help?
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Picture of blur411
I just bought my first home a few months ago, and I'm trying to get it looking nice. We started a garden in the back, and it's my first time and I started all my plants from seeds, except for two I bought. One of the "Big boy" tomato plants I bought is growing well, I have two medium green tomatoes so far, but I noticed on the main stem little tiny white spores? I googled and I can't find anything that looks like it. Attached is a picture.

Also, there is a trumpet vine, and under it are a ton of other "little tree" looking things growing...are these the same thing growing wild all over my yard, and if so how do I get rid of them? We mow them over and they keep coming back Little trees Tomato plant stem Trumpet vine

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Congrats on your new endeavor. Gardening is fun. Those little "trees" as you call them are trumpet vine seedling sprouts. You have to pull them out by the roots if You don't want them. Tenacious little things that you won't get rid of otherwise.
Not sure about tomato plants....unless its just root sprouts from main stem??? Google tomato diseases. I've never had that particular problem.
Trumpet vine should be trimmed every year (early spring/when dormant). Or that takes over the world, too.

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Picture of ga.karen
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jmc hit it spot on. Your tomato stem looks like additional roots trying to come out. I've had them do that before. Just ignore it.
Next time you plant tomoatoes...plant them in the ground up to the first leaves of the plant. They will form roots all along that stem and be a better plant for you.

And I forgot...welcome to the boards.

One other thing....even though I really hate to do it....I would hit that yard one time with weed & feed to get rid of some of your problems...not sure if it will get rid of the trumpet vine, but it would be worth one shot to try. Just make sure it doesn't get into your veggie area if you do that or any flower beds.

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"The soil is the source of life, creativity, culture and real independence." David Ben-Gurion
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Picture of blur411
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Thank you everyone for your help! I was worried that it was a sort of fungus on the tomatoes, but when I googled it nothing I found looked like what mine did so I'm glad to hear it is most likely nothing and thanks for the future advice. I may go ahead and try the weed/feed thing as soon as we stop having so much rain, and I can make sure I take my dogs out front to avoid them getting the stuff on their paws.


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Welcome to the boards.
Good luck with your new home!

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Picture of owie
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Welcome. Come visit us often. We love gardening questions and to "just talk".
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