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Picture of Loonie
We all know the bee population is down; sometimes we hear about pesticides being the cause and many bees might be done in because people are just plain scared of them and swat, whack and otherwise kill them when they bother us.

A recent photo in the local paper showed a lady who's head and face was completely covered in bees with only her nose visible.
Just showed how bees wont hurt you if you don't hurt or bother them. that's another story. Wasps don't need a reason to bother us, they will sting for no other reason other than to tell you to leave them alone. Sometimes we don't mean to bother them, they are just where we don't expect them.

So next time you are outside doing gardening, or siting on the patio enjoying company and wasps are present, maybe wanting to take a drink of what you are sipping, try this;
buy a cheap can of tuna and place it opened at the far end of your yard. The wasps will head straight for the tuna and leave you alone.

Bees, let them enjoy your flowers and you enjoy their company.
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Picture of Waverider ;)
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I had wasps in my backyard. I chose not to get rid of their hive because they didn't bother me. I saw them go to my birdbath to drink several times a day (never noticed it before this year, usually chase them away). I had scale and some other unwanted insects on my shrubs and wanted 'beneficial insects' like wasps around. I debated whether to get rid of them or not, and just left them alone since they didn't bother me at all. I wanted them to get the unwanted insect pests I had around. My experience was different by the garage. Another wasp hive was there ~ right over the garage door which was removed immediately!
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Picture of owie
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I wish my grandson would listen to me when I tell him that bees will not bother him if he does not bother them. He keeps swatting at them when he sees them because he thinks this will chase them away. I have told him numerous times if he does not bother them they will not bother him.
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