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  The Results Are In......
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Picture of Wavy
Okay, I tried winter sowing for the first time this year and the results of my 'experiment' are in..........
My winter sown seeds did much better than the seeds I planted indoors. I don't know if I will even bother to start seeds indoors next year. This year, my indoor seeds really did poorly. Some germinated, but they got long and leggy and weren't much to look at. My outdoor sown seeds are much larger, robust & healthier looking. Winter sowing was easier because I just put out the containers when I finally got around to it, which was the end of March & beginning of April. It's still cold here at that time. We didn't get snow, but we got plenty of cold temperatures and I didn't 'stress' over the outside seeds. I didn't see them daily, and just looked at them outside my window (to make sure no critters toppled any of them).
Next year, I will start getting the containers ready earlier. There's no urgency to put out the containers in January (unless you have the time then). I don't like the cold, so I will probably wait until March again.
My only mistake was not planting enough seeds in each container. Next year, I will plant more seeds in each pot and see what happens. It was a fun experiment and so much easier than the stress of worrying about my indoor seeds. (I usually have success planting seeds indoors, but this year, I wasn't that lucky). Thank Goodness, I have the winter sown seeds to add in!!!
Just wanted to share my experience with ya'll.... Thanks for helping me!

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Wavy, So glad wintersowing worked for you. I can remember the first year I did it I was thrilled with the results. So easy. Last year I bought a heat mat to do indoor seed starting...didn't work out very well but am going to try again. Am going to wintersow again come this winter.
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Picture of vera ellen
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Congrats Wavy........I'm glad your first try was successful. See, your plants are already hardened off and ready to plant when you are. It's fun when a plan comes to gether!

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Picture of owie
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My seeds did not germinate well inside this year. I might be wintersowing next year also.
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Picture of zone9alady
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Living in the deep south I've never tried winter sowing. Glad you got good results. The most I've ever done is take cuttings and root them in the garage.

Whether You Think You Can Or You Think You Can't..... You're Right - Henry Ford
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