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  Fish pond with waterfall
Fish pond with waterfall Sign In/Join 
posted Oct 20, 2013 05:00 PM
I am not even sure if I am on the correct message board, but maybe someone can help me figure out where I am supposed to be. I have a large fish pond with about 50 wonderful goldfish. The water in the pond is always cloudy, making it impossible to see the fish most of the time. I would LOVE to be able to see my fish. Does anyone have any idea what I can do to make the water clear and clean? We have drained the pond several times but within a day it is cloudy again. Can anyone help me?
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Yes, the water from the waterfall comes into the fish pond, goes through the filter, and then gets recycled through the filter and then goes back up to the waterfall.
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Do you feed the fish? IF so, you may be feeding them too much.
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Try a product called Pondzyme...I don't have fish but I use it in my pond so it doesn't get cloudy. I works for me. Good Luck.

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how often do you clean out the filter?... and do you give the filter a little boost with a biological?.... and is it big enough to handle the wastes from fifty fish?....I have a five by eight foot pond about three ft deep and maybe a dozen fish and my filter is a barrel about the size of a five gallon bucket or a little larger... it does a fine job... how big is yours in relation to that?.... yours should be at least that big and probably bigger and get cleaned every two weeks in summer or so....

also, how much shade does your pond have?... full sun helps algae grow and that's your cloudiness.... get some floating plants to cover at least half the surface area and that will cut down on the algae growth and help to clear the water, too.....

there is always the use of a UV attachment in line with your filter to help kill off the's a good thing, another expense, but worth it if you're really wanting to see those fish!!

go to a good fish/aquarium/pond store in your area and get help with this your winter coming or your spring?... you may need more help with putting it to bed for winter now or getting it going for the summer and we don't know what to tell you without knowing where you are.....

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Also, barely straw pellets will keep the biggest part of algae away. But you need to add it right after the pond has been cleaned for the best results.
It is available at many pet stores.

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If all else fails try garden web...they have a seperate forum for ponds.
p.s. Karen, you beat me to it. Was going to tell her about barley straw, too.

THere are quite a few products out there that are safe for fish and get rid of algae. I think I use something called Pond Clear.
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There is also lots of pond forums that I have gotten lots of help from. My favorite is called THE POND FORUM...lots of good advice there.

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