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Veggie Water! Sign In/Join 
Picture of Waverider ;)
Is the water used to cook vegetables good for plants? I thought I read that somewhere but forgot where I read it. So, twice I decided to save the water from my casserole dish after I finish microwaving frozen veggies and add it to water to water the plants. I only did it twice, but I was wondering if anyone else does this and does it benefit them in any way? Thx!
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Picture of bana
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sounds like a good idea to me.. IF you haven't salted the water. lets see what others say.
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Picture of joyluck
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Sure it would be good for plants but it's also good for humans. I used to freeze water from cooking veggies and use it when making soup. Now I use as little water as possible and drain it into my compost container as I seldom make soup.


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Picture of muddyshoes
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Never thought of this! Hmm

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Picture of vera ellen
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Wavy - I think that is a great idea. I too save and freeze the water from cooking potatoes to mash...also the broth from boiled cabbage. I freeze it, then when I make soup during the winter I just toss in the frozen water/broth. Adds such a delightful ooomph to the soup. I'm sure you could use ice cube trays, but since I don't have those, I have some 1/2 cup freezer containers.

So if it tastes good to humans, why wouldn't it taste good to the plants.

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Picture of owie
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Sounds good to me. Mom use to save her potato water and use it for the liquid to make homemade bread. It was great. And just sitting here and remembering things form years ago--- a lot of time mom would use her dishwashing liquid to water her flowers. Especially if there was a drought. The plants were no worse for the wear with that water.
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Picture of nance425
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Wavie - funny you just asked this. I just threw my "corn water" in my containers over the weekend. It was such a big pot of water, I hated throwing it down the drain. (I never boil water with added salt, so it just had corn nutrients in it.) Smile
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Picture of ga.karen
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Years ago when we used a "dish pan" for doing dishes...that water went into flower beds. However, we used SOAP back then and NOT detergent with all the additives they have now. But it probably wouldn't hurt most plants either.

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