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voles? Sign In/Join 
We have what I think are voles in our yard at a our new home. I've never had them before. What or how can we get rid of them? Or can you ever?
And if I've asked before sorry it's been busy here!!! Thanks

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Picture of Barb in Mississippi
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If you get rid of your voles, please tell me how, cause I can't get rid of mine, but then they are field mice. as long as there is a food source, they will be there.
i have chickens, therefore there is chicken feed and eggs, the voles live in the chicken coop. i have found that they love hostas and the year I had 40 of them, the voles ate ALL of them!
if you aren't squimish and have access to Black Snakes[they don't have fangs so they can't bite you], Black Snakes love voles! i accomodate them whenever i find a black snake. Another thing that works is Crystal Drano. I have to admit that i don't know how it affects the soil. when i used it, i was at my wits end and wanted to try anything to get rid of them. You will never get rid of them completely, but you may be able to control them.
See what you can find on google. it should tell you how prolific they are.

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OMG~~~~ I really~~~~feel for ya Barb!

"Those that throw mud, lose ground!" :>)
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Moles dig the holes in search of grubs and earthworms (they're carnivores) and voles use the moles holes in search of tender plant material (they're herbivores).

So, do you have tunnels but no damage to plants? Or do you have plants with their entire roots eat from underground?

There are MANY repellants on the market and MANY home theories, however I have never found one that works. I've tried the castor oil sprays a bunch of times too with no results.

The ONLY thing I've found that works is a barrier. I have made used wire mesh to line the plant holes and that works well but is also time consuming. The other thing has worked if a product called Soil Perfector. It's a bag of hard pepple type soil conditioner that you basically fill around the roots of the plant. The voles won't dig through it.

Sorry for being long but I hope this helps.

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I've only see tunnels (I think) dirt mounds along the ground. I ran water down a hole and I think it must have went to China!! It never filled up! There isn't much plant material except weeds and burmeda grass.
I did plant the ones I posted a pic of today.So I may go out in the morning and not have any!!!
There are the knock out roses.
Where do you buy Soil perfector? It is like gravel? Thanks.

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SB, if you only have mounds, then you have moles & NOT voles. Moles don't eat plants. Sounds like moles is what you have...the tunnels.

Someone, and I don't remember who, said one time that they put some pebbles in their plant holes when they planted stuff and that the voles didn't dig through those.

"The soil is the source of life, creativity, culture and real independence." David Ben-Gurion
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I went to Earl May Garden Store the year we had voles.....they were eating the roots of my flowers. I got some vole stuff that was supposed to get rid of them....looked like little pieces of corn/grain...which I was to sprinkle down in their hole. Next year I did not have a vole. I know people don't want to use chemicals but I lost a lot of plants that year. Lowes also makes a vibrator thingy, that you stick down in the voles runway (tunnel) and it drives them away.....not permanently but will keep them out of your flower bed. Takes three batteries which last for the summer.

By the way, chipmunks or ground squirrels make tunnels also, but they are more open at the top.

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love life
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If there are tunnels and dirt mounds most likely you have moles and voles. Moles dig those tunnels and mound the soil up while voles (field mice) may use the tunnels to move around undetected by the vole predators.
The most effective means of control for either would be traps, but different traps for each.
Poison baits are not selective and can kill other, more beneficial, critters including your pets. The sonic devices, vibrating devices, gasing of the tunnels, and most other methods benefit the sellers of those products and not you. Hooking and engine exhaust to a tube run into a tunnel can cause serious damage to that engine. Flooding the tunnels is a waste ot your time and energy since those moles long ago figured out how to prevent flooding or they would not still be around.
Spreading a grub poison may kill off part of the moles food source but since they like earthworms much more than the grubs, and those poisons also kill the earthworms anyway, they may not be very effective.

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HOly cow I must have them both because I have the tunnels and mounds!!! Guess I'm doomed!!!
I'll have to have plants in pots and planters if I want flowers!!
Thanks everone for you info.

Posts: 1633 | Location: NE.Ok zone 6b | Registered: Oct 09, 2011Reply With QuoteReport This Post
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