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Need recipe for non-melting bird suet for summer. Make my own regular suet but it doesn't hold up in the hot weather. Anyone have one that won't melt or go rancid with the heat?
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Picture of ga.karen
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I don't. I buy the no melt blocks during the summer IF I feed suet. They have one out now that the base is meal worms. My woodpeckers are going nuts over it! Got them at Walmart...$1.24 ea.

"The soil is the source of life, creativity, culture and real independence." David Ben-Gurion
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Jan, I have one but rarely use it anymore...the bought ones are so cheap now. I do like Karen and buy those at Wal Mart, same thing she gets.

I think this is the recipe.

2 cups lard
1 cup each flour and yellow cornmeal
1 cup oatmeal
you may need to increase flour/cornmeal if mixture is too soupy.

Melt lard, add other ingredients...stir in birdseed and anything else you want to add such as raisins, dried fruit, etc. Pour into greased mold and refrigerate until set.

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Picture of Wavy
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I just buy them for 99 Cents (when on sale) at the supermarket. I wouldn't make them if you paid me!!! (bad enuf I have to cook for my family!) ;^) You're the best!!!

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Well, yes, I buy them, too. And am presently running out. Did put out homemade one found down in freezer and it went like hotcakes....
Don't feed heavy in summer, - Think I'll save last three for warmer weather...
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