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  How to get what you want from seed
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Picture of nettiejay
I just received some agastache (hyssop) seeds in the mail. I researched for weeks, trying to find the best color choice for the spot where they'll grow. I'd look at one site for "Heather Queen", then another. I google-imaged the variety to see an array of different photos of that variety all together on one page. The majority looked the way I want them to be; others looked bright red, radically different from what I want them to be! How do I know what I'll end up with?

So... How do you really know what you'll be getting when you try something new in your garden? Does it have to be by necessity all trial and error? Seed isn't that expensive to waste if you end up pulling it out and starting over; but what about those pricey perennial pots, bulbs, shrubs, trees? Do you trust the photos? I have, and I've been disappointed or surprised several times.
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I mostly go with the old time favorites and don't spend on seeds unless I'm sure of variety and color. Go to the garden centers when the plants are in bloom and that's one sure way to tell color. Then if you send for seeds you'll be sure of what you get. Other than that, if it's a surprise just transplant it where the color fits. Not just photos that can fool you, but plant tags have been known to be wrong....and that can hurt if it's an expen sive one.

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Picture of ga.karen
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Since I'm not fussy about doesn't really matter to me unless it is UGLY!
But I move things from time to time too!
I trust the colors on the seed packets and haven't been disappointed too many times...even if it's not EXACTLY what the picture showed.

But I also have a LOT more space to work with than a lot of you gals.

I'm more into....if one side of a bed has X, the other side also has to have X! And since things don't always grow the same...that sometimes frustrates me! So what is that?...cementrical??(sp?)

"The soil is the source of life, creativity, culture and real independence." David Ben-Gurion
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Picture of Waverider ;)
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Since I'm not fussy about doesn't really matter to me unless it is UGLY!

I totally agree with Karen. I don't care at all if the color or size isn't exactly as it is pictured on the seed packet or on-line. I just care if the flowers are pretty & HEALTHY!!!
I like surprises anyway so it doesn't matter to me!!
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Picture of vera ellen
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Well, y'all have seen pictures of my gardens, so you know that I like a riot of colors, so the perfect shades don't bother me...and like Karen, I have a lot more space than a lot of you do.

I pretty much trust seed packet pictures. I've learned over the years that full sun doesn't necessarily mean southern full sun, and that partial shade here means total shade. Take astibille...I love it......but here, even with total shade, it just gets too hot. The plants wither and die. So I think it is a trial and error learning process.

What really fustrates me is when it says all season bloom, and you just get the first flush in the spring and then nothing!

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Picture of nettiejay
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Thanks ladies. Clearly, my attitude needs readjustment. Wink LOL
I'll hope for the best with the agastache. It'll give me something to look forward to won't it?
Posts: 4699 | Location: zone 6b, Missouri | Registered: Sep 19, 2002Reply With QuoteReport This Post
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