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  Problem w New Guineas - Update
Problem w New Guineas - Update Sign In/Join 
Picture of nettiejay
Am using these for the first time this year. Had always thought they need at least partial shade to thrive, but the tag on this variety says full sun - 8+ hours a day - is fine. Even though I was skeptical about that, I decided to try them for a full-sun planter.

No sooner than I got them in, the leaves started showing these spots. (Not the yellow central color; that's normal for this variety. I mean the bleached areas with tan edges and a few holes.) I immediately thought "sun scald", although I guess it might be some kind of disease. If it's sun scald, I'll just move them somewhere more sheltered. If it's a disease, guess I'll have to pull them and cut my losses... ?

Anyone know what it is?

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Picture of KarenNY1 zone 7
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I know the regular Impatiens has a disease this year but I hadn't heard about the New Guinea ones. In fact, my condo has them planted all over our development. Maybe you just got a couple of bad ones. I would cut off the leaves and see what happens.
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Picture of owie
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Did you check for slugs. I found 3 huge ones eating my petunias. Never thought I had them.
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Picture of vera ellen
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that actually looks like sun scald to me, but then, I'm no expert either.

I passed up buying some because they literally looked sick..just all puny and wilted looking, yet the soil was damp, so I know they had been watered.

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Picture of nettiejay
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For the benefit of anyone who has this problem in the future, I've figured out that it's some kind of disease - probably fungal - that isn't killing the plants, but is disfiguring to the ornamental foliage. As of now, the spots are small and ringed in red. The brown, crusty-looking spots are gone - Must have been a result of cool spring with frequent rains. From a distance you only notice the blooms, so I'm leaving them in for this season, but probably won't use them again.

I used google images to find sun scald on impatiens, and it doesn't look at all like this.
Posts: 4491 | Location: zone 6b, Missouri | Registered: Sep 19, 2002Reply With QuoteReport This Post
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