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I'm so sorry to hear you are sick! Those sinus infections are terrible! Get well soon.
When you feel better would you let me know what kind of tomatoes you WS? Not cherry tho.
We just need a good one for eating!! Thanks.

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Thank You Silly Bird......I have been wearing out the recliner and the couch since Saturday. Since it was the weekend, I ended up in the ER. Now slowly but surely I am getting better. This was a particularily nasty episode or else, age is playing a factor in recovery. ER doc just said I have an especially nasty case - just my luck. Wink It's aggravating because today we actually got up to 67° and I didn't even feel like walking around in the yarden to check things out. Bummer.

Now, I save my seeds from year to year because they are heirloom...I plant Cherokee Purple, Black Krim, Oxheart and German Johnson Sweet (our favorite). I buy my Roma plants. So, I can't really help you out on ordinary tomato plants. Some of the other girls here can probably answer that question better than I.

I have seen heirloom tomato plants for sale at the Co-op, TSC (Tractor Supply) and Walmart here. If you want a good one for eating of those, get the Oxheart and the German Johnson. The Oxheart makes a large tomato that is almost heart shaped, hence it's name. One slice will practically cover a slice of bread. The German Johnson isn't as big, but very flavorful. Both taste absolutely delicious. Some places are also now selling heirloom seeds. Look for these in your favorite seed racks or you might could order on line.


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Thank you!! Sounds like lots of folks use Cherokee purple. I've never had a purple tomato. I may have to try them.
We got 71 here today! Windy still. Really need moisture here.

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VE, I'm also sorry to hear you have been so sick! Sounds like this was a really bad episode! Hope you are well on the way to recovery!

"The soil is the source of life, creativity, culture and real independence." David Ben-Gurion
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