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  Great Gasby Garden!
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Picture of nance425
Saw the Great Gasby today! I couldn't help looking at all the beautiful flowers and gardens in the movie. Wow! I want his gardener!
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Picture of Beau's Rose
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Thanks for the link and review. I have this one on my list to see this week. The book was one of my college lit projects. I went from DREAD to very involved with the whole process for writing my paper. Found a very different point of view and supported it. Even though it wasn't conventional writing, I managed to pull off an A. So not important now. LOL.

Did any movie attendees wear the clothing designs from that era?

So a new love for the book all over again after seeing the gardens. That never factored in during the college days.

Thanks for posting and I look forward to the movie!

PS: Did you have company with you or go alone? Sometimes it's "easier" to go alone.

~Like sands through the hourglass
~So are the days of our lives
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I saw that one over the weekend. at the end all I could say was wow what a journey that was. I won't give away the ending but it was very surprising. I've not read the book so I don't know how well it followed the story, but leonardo sure captured gatsby well. it's a very well done movie, you will like it a lot if you've read the book. & your right the gardens are very well done at all 3 houses. the parties were fun too.

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cheryl hill
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Picture of nance425
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Went with DH and daughter for Mom's day. I didn't read the book, but was in awe of the whole thing. I didn't expect the ending either, but the decision was made for him. You can only imagine otherwise. I thought it a bit slow in places, but he has such a pretty face. Who could complain? Smile
No one dressed in period. I guess we'll just have to throw one of his parties and dress up! Smile
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Picture of theoriginalfluffy
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I just saw this yesterday. Never read the book or saw the older movie. That would be fun to dress up like that and have a party!
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