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I bought a piece of vacant property about a year ago, but I am having hard time finding a builder/contractor to build a new home for me. A lot of them seem to be over-charging, in my opinion... Where can I find a good, reputable and reasonable contractors in Clearwater, FL area? Is there some kind of website I can search through? Any suggestions will be appreciate it.
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Picture of Jewel
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You might consider buying a one year membership on Angie's List. I've been using it to research contractors for remodeling jobs and found reading other's reviews very helpful.
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Have you seen names around town, I would start there. Talk to people, ask people who they know, I see signs in my area.
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Kayo78, Welcome to the real estate boards! Wave

Very interesting thread you have started ~ made me think of a number of responses. First one, are you ready to build NOW and know what you want? If not, take time to study blueprints and decide on the layout of the house itself, then the amenities you absolutely have to have, and then, the ones that would be nice but aren't essential.

Next, get your construction financing in order so when you do find the right contractor you are ready to roll....

If you are simply inquiring into some ideas, no wonder that you may be receiving over-inflated estimates. They have to know that you are serious and know what you are doing before they will take you seriously.

In the meantime, narrow down the list of possible builders by viewing open houses and, here, we have an annual Parade of Homes where contractors show off their skills by entering in the exhibition which includes homes in a number of price ranges. Check them out...

Then, when you know exactly what you want and have the financing in order, ask your top three choices for bids using the same specifications for all of them. Competition in business can be a great equalizer when it comes to inflated bids!

Good luck and let us know how the journey goes. Cool
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If you see an area of homes that appeals to you perhaps you could inquire with the homeowners. Most homeowners would be flattered to know that you like their homes and would likely share info with you.

Check with the local code office. They should have a list/knowledge of builders because they would inspect the homes as they are being built. Word of mouth is very helpful in these instances.
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As contractors ourselves we've found that some people who we price a house for seem to think they're being robbed which isn't true at all. Even though the market is down building materials have gone up. A piece of plywood that was 7.00 is now 17.00. A lot of plants have closed so in some areas the housing is starting to pick up so there's no back log of materials thus the prices are higher. Check around and ask those who are building a home and see who their contractor is and look at construction as it's going up.
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