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  Steam shower with jetted tub or shower tub
Steam shower with jetted tub or shower tub Sign In/Join 
Hi there, we are looking to remodel our 5 piece master bath. Currently we have a 6ft jetted tub with a separate 36 inch shower. We were thinking of putting in a pre-made steam shower/jetted tub combo but worry about resale value of home by doing this. We plan on living here another 5 years then selling once kids are all done with school. Another option would be to add a steam shower only with no jetted tub and leave the tub we currently have. Would this decrease the value of the house and or be less enticing to a new buyer if we do this? Link for what we are thinking of getting is here to see what we are talking about. Any advice would be great. Thank you

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Funny, but I was just reading that steam showers were all the rage.....7 years ago. Now people see them as a negative.
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I clicked on the link then immediately grimaced because this product is SUCH a personalized choice that's likely to be seen as a negative by buyers when you go to sell. Because you plan to sell in about 5 years, I suggest you have a steam shower custom built with tile/glass and leave the tub you already have in place (or buy a new tub).
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If there's nothing wrong with the tub you have and you really want a steam shower, the choice seems obvious.
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If your tub is in good condition why change it? I don't beleive that tubs become "dated"
And if you love a steam shower by all means have one, I would love a steam shower.
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I guess I'm just a plain person. No jetted tub for me, thanks. I use my bathroom that only has a shower, no tub, almost exclusivly, it is much easier to clean ~ imho.

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save your money for a rainy day.
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I would keep the current tub and do the steam shower.... unless you really want the jetted tub. Don't do it if you are just trying to increase resale, do it if you will enjoy it for the next 5or so years. Don't plan on dollar for dollar return
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Originally posted by esteamshower20001:
cool Smile

I am sure your product is wonderful. However, you have broken the rules with your advertising. To immediately break the rules the first time you post on a forum tells us you are either unethical - choose not to follow the rules, very new and stupid and did not read the rules that are posted for use of the forum.

Lucky for you this is a largely unmoderated forum so you will not be getting email nasties from HGTV. If I as a member of the community see another ad for your company - I will email your company and let them know that you are promoting their product in such a way as to turn off potential customers. Since many of us on the Real Estate boards are professional Realtors, I don't think they would like that.

Fun and Info
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