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  Staging kitchen cabinets
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Question: We recently completed our first ‘renovation property’ to sell. The house is vacant and we are staging the whole house. When staging the kitchen should we stage inside the cupboards as well? The kitchen has 42″ cabinets and while I designed it from a logical perspective to what would go where I wonder if someone else might wonder if they need so many cabinets and a pantry (I say this because in my own kitchen I do not have enough cabinets so while designing this one I made sure to think of where to put things such as multiple small appliances (roaster oven, crock pot, juicer, blender, waffle iron, etc), logical layouts such as drawers for cooking utensils and pot holders next to stove, food prep items closest to work surface areas, etc. I have all of the staging items needed, such as dinner wear, glasses, pots and pans, flatware, etc that I was planning on using but thought I might bring some other items (such as crock pots, pitchers, spices for the built in spice racks, etc) from my own house to not fill up the cabinets but show potential use for. What is your opinion on this?
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I love to watch such shows as feature property such as yours. But from a buyers perspective, I would not want to buy such a property. Does that make sense?

I don't think I would do the spices but would do the dishes, just to make to the cupboards look pretty. Good Luck, hope you make out very well!
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Sounds like a lot of clutter and a lot of "stuff" to have to deal with. What price range? Is there anything really unusual that would not normally be found in the price range? I'm thinking about a warming oven or a pullout dish washer. I think everyone can figure out what a flatware drawer is for Upper cabinets are pretty self explanatory, if you have any open or glass front cabinets - put some glasses and plates on display.

Also - if the house doesn't sell right away, someone will have to maintain all this stuff.

The best thing is to have a handout in the kitchen detailing all the special features.

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Fun and Info
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Oh I completely understand about not wanting to buy a 'flip' house - I have seen so much shoddy work and flippers who do not have integrity. Trust me when I say who ever buys this house will be getting so much more than they could ever know. This is our first 'flip'. We decided to give it this new business a go since my background is all in finance/accounting/business admin and my husband's is in engineering/electrical/plumbing, etc. The house was built in 1926, was a foreclosure, had the pipes frozen and busted, leaky basement, old knob and tube wiring, etc. It was 3bd 1 ba (no shower) and 1456 sq ft. We added a small addition increasing the size to 1616 sq ft and made it 2 1/2 bath. It was gutted to the studs and the floor plan was changed to meet today's living styles. The master bedroom originally had 1 small closet - now it has 1 normal size and 1 walk in plus a full on suite master bath. The hall bath (which was 12 x 12 - this is where we got extra space to make the master suite) only had a bathtub and now has a tub/shower combo. The 1st floor had no powder room so we added that. The kitchen used to be 12x12 but with all of the doors, doorways, and windows was not functional so it was moved to the other side of the house and is a gourmet kitchen with 42" cherry cabinetry, granite counter tops, and stainless steel appliances. New hickory hardwood floors throug out first floor, new carpet upstairs in hall and bedroom areas, new travertine tile in bathrooms. Installed and tiled a new gas log fireplace. New deck. All new doors interior/exterior. New AC. So much more. Total investment including purchase price of home is about $70K with about $100K worth of labor what someone would have to pay. We know list price needs to go based on what the market calls for not what was invested so (based on recent comp sales per sq ft) we are planning to list for $125K. Although we invested a lot of time/labor in the home our purpose was not to turn a quick flip for $ but to be able to make some $ in order to be able to work for ourselves and be home with our children. We have learned much and have enjoyed the process. We made sure every detail, even those unseen, were all to what we would expect in our own home. We already have our next home purchased and are excited to get started. I think the most difficult part of getting into this as a business was the accounting/tax side. There was very little information out there because most flippers try and do whatever they can to get out of taxes whereas us, since we are trying to start a business and want to report our earnings to Social Security, etc. we wanted to do everything the correct way.

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As far as special features, yes, there are a few. In our area fully renovated kitchens with granite etc is not common so we already know this will be a great selling feature. We built a custom wall area to house the refrigerator and on the one side there is built in shelves to hold spices, display plates, wine bottles, etc. In addition, over the refrigerator (which is usually a space in most kitchens to store things not often used) we wired it for electric and cable since from the eat in bar you have a perfect view of it.
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Thanks for the advise on the staging. I think I will stick to just staging the special feature areas (like placing a flat screen TV in the area above the refrigerator that is a perfect place for kids to watch tv while eating their breakfast at the raised bar), some wine glasses on the custom cherry open shelving, and some decor items on the custom built ins. Other than that I will keep the counters cleared with the exception of maybe a recipe book opened on a stand, a bowl of fruit, and some flowers, and then stage the walk in pantry with a broom and dust pan to show off the feature of how we built it to accommodate things that are often forgotten about (I know for me when I look at a house I am usually thinking 'where would I put the trash can, where would I keep the sweeper, etc)
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I love the staging concept; however, one person I know says staging to him looks like the eye is being diverted from problems. I think he's a kook anyway, but it is a thought to consider !!
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I agree with your friend. If the staging is obvious I look for what it is trying to distract me from. I doubt if we are the only two who feel like that.
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When I stage vacant houses, I stage the bathrooms with towels, candle, rug, shower curtain. Kitchen a few items on the counter, rug, and always barstools if breakfast bar. Always table and chairs, if patio. A few wall hangings and decor for the L.R. It must be tastefully done.

YOU want enough stuff to compliment floorplan..but not to detract or clutter.

Price, location, key however.

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I wouldn't stage kitchen cabinets at all.
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