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Picture of Spanish Revival
Okay, one of my sons is buying a short sale, it's a long story, the first contract by another buyer was accepted but something very unfortunate happened to the buyer and he pulled out of the contract. So my son is up next... he offered 40,000** less than the original buyer and his offer was accepted. The house was built in 2006, the original owner and seller is the one who actually put a lot of work into the house as he is a carpenter. The house is beautiful, maintained very well, tremendous amount of upgrades... my question... as we did the walk through with our son, we did not see anything that needed addressing. My husband is thinking we don't need an inspection... realtor (and friend) says we should do another walk-through and if there are any areas of concern then get an inspection. In our area an inspection is $350-$500, so I'm fine with that, and so is our son for having to pay that, my husband is being more frugal. The house is about 4,500 square feet with two air conditioning units, a built in pool, 5 bedrooms and six bathrooms. I say, invest the money for an inspection. This house is going to go fast, it was appraised for $ 750,000.00, and he will get it for less than half the price, even if it needs a new roof, which I don't think it does, (I'm considering the biggest expense) it's still going to come in under appraised value. Tile roofs are about $65,000.00 to replace on that much square footage.
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It's funny that you used the roof as an example of a potential problem, I was thinking of the opposite, the foundation, as a place for the most concern. How strict are the building department inspections in the area of the house? If you can be sure they are strict, done at many times during construction and free of improper influence I'd probably be confident the big things were done correctly.
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Considering the long term investment in a house the cost of an inspection is tiny.

That said, we just had a home inspection yesterday. And we just bought a house where we did our own inspection. I have to say they came out equal (except for 2 areas). He checked a couple of things differently than we did and we did a couple of things more thoroughly than he did. Do you have the ability, knowledge, to check for plumbing leaks and electrical outlets? Since we no longer have the ability to climb roofs or go into crawl spaces we maybe should have had those inspected by a roofer,etc but for our own reasons we did not.

To do an adequate inspection yourself you will need at least a hour or two. So I would recommend you do an inspection either by someone else or yourself.
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An inspection isn't something to forgo, for multiple reasons, IMHO. Even newer (including brand new) homes frequently have issues, IME.

Good Luck!
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The cost of an inspection is "priceless" in terms of what information is gained in the course of the inspection. Since we had a lot of problems in Ft Myers area with Chinese drywall and its latent problems, I personally would want to know what's there and if it affected the HVAC systems. Also a tile roof only 7 yrs shouldn't be a problem- if there's concern about it, why? Get the inspection!
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Picture of conrad
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I agree with others. Knowledge is power. A good inspector can show one possible issues for the future (even if there is not a need to address them immediately). Give instructions on how to take care of certain appliances and how they work, including furnaces and air conditioners. Where shut offs and drains are in plumbing/electrical or where they may be needed in the future.
It is a cheap education, but not all inspectors are equal. Go with a well recommended one?
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While your fel the house is beautiful, the work done by the current and previous owner may not have been performed to code.

!!!!!!!!!Do not risk closing on that house without an inspection!!!!!

The contract MUST address the inspection and the inspection period, if you are using the inspection as a contingency. Pay close attention to inspection deadline dates in the contract, as you could pass the opportunity to do so.
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Picture of Spanish Revival
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Thank-you all for your suggestions. I'm not concerned with the roof I was just using that as an example. mamaspoon, our realtor mentioned the Chinese drywall too, didn't know if this build used it or not. Well, I came here for suggestions from the experts, so I am going to take the advise and have an inspection. Thanks to all for taking the time to respond!
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Access of knowledge is great to go so a good inspector can show one possible issues for the future Get your home get inspected regardless of price as the instructions on how to take care of certain appliances and how they work, including furnaces and air conditioners would be of great value for the future.
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Picture of Jewel
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Your husband's opinion falls squarely into the "penny wise and pound foolish" category.

The inspection is one of the most valuable steps your son can take when buying a home -- especially given that the house is so large with so many systems plus a pool.
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Picture of Charming
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SR - How did the inspection and purchase come out? You started it in April so hopefully your son has closed?

Fun and Info
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