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  Home inspection on own home before HOW runs out
Home inspection on own home before HOW runs out Sign In/Join 
Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts or personal experience with getting a home inspection on their own home before their HOW warranty runs out. We purchased our home directly from the builder/developer 9 years ago. We selected the model, additional features, etc. Over the years we've had problems with the roof and seals around the pipes on the roof. The builder sent contractors and fixed everything at no charge, but during the next major storm it leaked again. The same is true for the caulking around the windows on the front of the house (brick front) - we had water damage, the builder fixed and we had water damage again. We also had a crack in the foundation with water leaking into the basement. Again, the builder sent a contractor to repair at no charge. Fortunately, this repair has held up to every storm and hurricane.

I'm concerned there may be things we are not aware of that may qualify for repair under the HOW. There is a sizable crack above one of the bedroom door frames going all the way up to the ceiling. Not a hairline fracture, but a gap in the drywall where one side is higher than the other. Makes me think it's more than just normal settling.

Anyway, just curious if anyone has had a home inspection for this purpose. Even if the inspection does not turn up HOW items, it may identify things we need to fix on our own, right? Thank you in advance for your thoughts.
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Picture of conrad
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I have never had the experience, but from what you certainly makes sense to me.

The fact that the same issue has been "repaired" more than once leads me to believe they are often band-aiding the problem (for the duration of the HOW) and not really addressing the causes. I would also ask around for the best home inspector in your area. You often get what you pay for here as some are just more knowledgeable/experienced than others.
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It sounds like you have a problem similar to what we have seen in that popular program Holmes makes it Right or something like that. Yes I would have my own inspection and then go to the County on Building Inspections with the results of your own inspection and perhaps file a complain against the contractor. It is not that he hasn't tried to fix the problem is that the fixes don't seem permanent, and it could be a stalling tactic until the duration of the guarantee. Before you find yourself with thousands of dollars in repair, try to see if they can really fix whatever the problem happens to be.
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Well, certainly if the roof issues are still not fixed, you'd want them taken care of. If you're still having excessive settling at this date you may want to make sure the foundation has not been compromised by the crack you've seen or other issues you haven't.
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We had lots of problems with the builder before we moved into our home, so we hired an architect to inspect the house from top to bottom to see if everything was done properly. He found a couple of major issues and lots of minor ones which he cited in his report along with the relevant building code sections. We had these problems addressed before we moved into the home. Find the best inspector in the area and pay for a thorough inspection. You will do much better with a written report prepared by a professional in hand.
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Thank you for your feedback. I'm in the process of locating an inspector. I was leaning that way, but your comments confirmed hiring a licensed professional for a full blown inspection. Thanks again.
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Yea, you must get professional help for this task. The property managers will help get the inspection work done in an appropriate way.

The Rental Management Company
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