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  moving out of state?
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Picture of I want to move South
I live in New York State and would like to move to a Southern State. I don't like to go somewhere where I can't see the space for my own eyes. I have been getting info on the computer but that only shows you so much. The apartment would need to have washer and dryer in unit. I would also like to see if anything could be partially furnished.I'm coming from a one bedroom place that has all my own furniture but I would like to sell everything off for the move.I can't drive so I need to be close to transit. I have to be near doctors, grocery and retail stores. I have been at this for a few weeks and my mind is spinning. I can only rent since my credit is so poor. Thank you for any advice.
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Picture of Charming
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Interesting topic. I hope you come back to visit and read responses.

I don't know how far south you want to move but I would suggest you look at areas with a good urban infrastructure. Transportation, sidewalks, community stores, etc. I love where I live, but you cannot depend on our transportation system because it is almost non existent. You don't mention work - are you on disability or do you have job skills that will transfer to other areas. Although our cost of living in most southern states is lower, the wages are also lower.

Also, you might want to narrow your focus. To say you want to move south is like saying I want to move to Italy. We have many regions and areas - Asheville, NC and surrounding communities have a lively arts scene. Raleigh and the Research Triangle have many other amenities of larger cities with a small town feel. Atlanta has the urban vibe along with great small towns/communities. Birmingham has a very active job market, Florida has many regions and many different areas of strength.

Take it a state at a time then narrow your search.

Fun and Info
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Also, find where the economy is doing well as that will give an indication of the job market for you. But, you do have to narrow your geography a bit to investigate. What are you looking for in a new location? Better jobs, and a better future. Don't worry about your housing yet, that will come later in the process. You also should learn to drive- that's a must in my book as alot of communities don't have an extensive and dependable transit which further hinders your employment. Take this time to start cleaning up your credit, as poor credit is often used against you in the rental process and oftentimes job opportunities.
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Picture of CJO
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Will you be seeking employment or are you retired? If you don't have a car, how will you travel to a new place? Will you be moving closer to or farther away from friends/family? Some states have less taxes than others such as Florida.
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Picture of Jewel
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I think the key factor to narrowing down your search will be cities with transit. Most medium sized cities and larger will have bus transit, but if you prefer train or subway you'll need to look at only very large cities (Atlanta, for example).
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