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  Out of date canned goods
Out of date canned goods Sign In/Join 
Picture of beedeeess
Wanted to know what you think about using canned goods past their expiration date. A few months back I think I heard on the news that TJ's was opening an outlet with only outdated canned goods.
When I was growing up canned goods were stored for years especially in the era of b**b shelters and we were told unless the cans were bulging the were okay to use.
What are your thoughts particularly with the cost of groceries today?
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Picture of conrad
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If the can is sealed, no rust or corrosion visible, then opening the can, inspect the inside lid and look for any discoloration or off odor of the contents. Finally a taste test. If everything seems normal, I would have no issue with use.

Like many things, usability is often related not only to the date, but even more important as to how the item was stored. Extreme temperature changes and excessive warmth or heat can cause canned goods to go bad sooner.
When home canning was common, a basement or root cellar kept canned items usable much longer. Still the case with commercial canned products.
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Picture of KeepYouInStitches
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Today people have gone "date" crazy. Perfectly good food is being trashed - which of course suits everyone on the receiving end of your money.

As you and Conrad have mentioned - no bulging ends, no seeping seams. If it is not off-colored or off-smell, it is probably still good.

I am not a member of LDS church, but they recommend that their members keep three years' worth of food stockpiled for their family. Those who do so (and I know a few) rotate the food. They use the three year old food, move everything else to the front and put fresh in the back. I've checked out their site before and it is very interesting...
Posts: 17381 | Location: Daingerfield, TX | Registered: Feb 07, 2003Reply With QuoteReport This Post
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I use it if it looks okay. It's crazy to think at a certain date something spoils

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Picture of Kathy_in_wlsv
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I am not at all "date crazy" That said, I just FILLED 2 outdoor trash cans with expired, nasty looking food!!

Because of my arthritis, I tend to just use the easiest to reach items in lower cupboards.. My DIL who is helping me do a major clean out found stuff in the back of the cupboards that was just mind boggling.. shudder..

Life is GOOD!!
Posts: 1578 | Location: Upstate NY | Registered: Nov 10, 2004Reply With QuoteReport This Post
Picture of Lurah
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The food that is bad and going to make you sick is what's leftovers in the refrigerator Smile

I wholeheartedly agree this expiration date is merely a ploy by manufacturers to sell more product and nothing less.

Eggs, under refrigeration can be safely used well beyond their pack dates, to heck with the best by date on those. However, an old egg that is fried won't look as pristine as a fresh egg on the breakfast plate. But do use the older eggs if you are intending to make hard cooked and need to peel off the shells.

Even milk that has gone sour can be used and is sometimes called for in several recipes I have such as chocolate cake, pancakes and Raisin Bran muffins. It's called Buttermilk.
Fortunately, I usually have to sour my own fresh milk with vinegar or lemon juice for these recipes.

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Picture of ga.karen
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Having worked retail for 30+ years mostly in grocery & d r u g stores...I have preached for years exactly what ya'al are saying.

Things that go bad the fastest are tomatoes/tomato products, sauerkraut, spinach and some fruits and canned milk.

Just like it is NOT necessary to refrigerate mustard after it is opened....but most of us do!

The only thing I use most dates on canned goods for is rotation!

"The soil is the source of life, creativity, culture and real independence." David Ben-Gurion
Posts: 5120 | Location: SW Ga. 8b | Registered: Apr 21, 2011Reply With QuoteReport This Post
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I'm another peron who doesn't get concerned by dates on canned goods. Convinced that "best by" thing is a total ploy to get people to toss perfectly good food and buy more.

I know that cans that look off (bluging ends or discolored)are NOT a good thing. Don't even THINK about putting a can opener to can with even the slightest bulge... unless ya like doing a major clean-up. Once found a small can of sauerkraut WAY in back of shelf that was pretty much HOLLOW?!? There was NEVER a smell that I could detect, but apparently ate thru the can and just evaporated all the liquid??
Posts: 5661 | Location: mount holly, NJ, USA | Registered: Sep 19, 2002Reply With QuoteReport This Post
Picture of cocok
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For me it depends. If something is barely out of date, I am fine with it. A year past it's prime and it goes in the trash. Just not worth the risk for me.
Posts: 7275 | Registered: Apr 08, 2004Reply With QuoteReport This Post
Picture of pinecone476
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I have called the manufacturers and most say canned goods are fine for maaaany years except as noted above, rust etc. It is a "Best" by date for better flavor, nothing else. (Sometimes they send me a coupon to try more items hehe)

Posts: 3242 | Location: New England, U.S.A. | Registered: May 21, 2004Reply With QuoteReport This Post
Picture of Waverider ;)
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If it's cans you're talking about, I rarely have any past the expiration date. I have had some other things past the expiration date, usually boxed things. I have eaten them with no problems. I had meat in the freezer (chicken) over a year. I did not want to eat it, wanted to throw it away after all that time. My DH finally made it one day, about a year ago. No one got sick! If it looks and smells okay, I think it's okay to eat. But not if it's ancient!! Toss it, life is too short to worry about petty stuff like that and take a chance!!!
Posts: 2547 | Location: "The Garden State", NJ ~ Zone 7 | Registered: Nov 05, 2004Reply With QuoteReport This Post
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