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Picture of lady of shallot
Graciepj asked a question that made me think this might be a good question for discussion.

We had a big family and not much money so we did not entertain. However once we had a summer party in the back yard. They put beer bottles in the cellar set tubs with blocks of ice. (the ice man still came in those days.)

I had an aunt who was a nun and she was visiting us and she drank beer, which to me was shocking!

I got to wear my black mary janes and my pink and white striped pinafore.

This is the only party I remember till we got older and started to have parties ourselves. We do have some pretty funny old movies where everyone is squinting at the bright lights. One esp on New Years eve where everyone is getting tanked and pretty silly. But oh, my weren't we slim and dressed up in those days. . . just like Christmas when we wore heels and nice dresses!
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My mom had a large family with lots of sisters. One of my oldest cousins was blind. He was just a few years younger that the youngest of my mothers sisters. He was an outstanding guy, graduated top of his class at a school in Virginia, comparable to the ivy leagues in that particular major. Jeeper's I should just say University of Virginia. Now my cousins will know who I am if they're on this site.

Anyway, a large number of us got into an ice fight in my mother's kitchen. I was just a kid and I loved the fact that the adults were acting like kids. They were putting ice cubes down each others shirts, shorts. etc. My blind cousin was doing just as well at it as anyone.

Oh Well, large families have tons of fun.
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I had an uncle that would use a movie camera with those bright, bright lights at Christmas and his children's birthday parties. I had forgotten about that. I must have been about six. I wonder what happened to those films.
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Picture of Lurah
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I grew up in a rural farming community. G&G lived on Main Street in town, their 4 children & spouses on farms, none more than 5 miles away.
We gathered one Sunday a month, closest to one of the 14 grandchildren's birthday or on holidays (E, MD, FD, 4th, T & C) rotating amongst my G&G, parents, aunts homes. My uncle's wife never opened her home!

Hostess prepared meat and potatoes, all aunts brought salads & side dishes, Gma baked rolls and we had decorated birthday cakes from a lady who did them in her home along with homemade ice cream we made at party.

All dads went home to do livestock chores about 4pm and came back to the party for a light supper of leftover meat on Gma's homemade sandwich buns, potato salad, baked beans, chips and some strange concoction of a Koolaid punch with kolaches (yes, Gma made these also) for dessert.

We cousins played outside in the playhouses or built forts in the groves, on the swingset, at mud pie table by the sandbox, recess games, rode bikes. ponies or took a cart ride, went to the park or pool, got motorcycle rides from our older cousins or a convertable ride from another cousin's boyfriend during warm weather months.
In the winter we played table games or cards, elevator with the pocket doors, post office with the clothes chutes, hide & go seek, dress up or with toys or jumped on the trampoline in the house. During the fall we'd bury ourselves in the leaves (which was great for me because we only had pine trees at our farm.) If there was enough snow my uncle would take us for a sleigh ride or we'd build forts & snowmen or play some trail game with footprints (what was that called?)

When we were at one aunt's home they had a dairy so my uncle would let us help him milk (by hand.)

At the farms, there usually were kittens and sometimes puppies besides.

I'm not that old, but I sure do regret that my children were robbed by a drastically changed economy in the 1970s to have these opportunities.

My folks still live on the farm but of course no livestock chores exist. The kids did get the farm tractor & combine rides however.

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Most entertaining was family -- on holidays but my mother did have "the ladies" over once a year for a luncheon (her turn) and occassionally, they would have friends over for dinner (at which times we were banned to upstairs!).

That was when we lived in the big house in an older section of town.

Then we moved to a small ranch house in the suburbs, my Dad got sick and we only had my grandmother, aunt and uncle over at Christmas. The rest of the time we went to my grandmother's for holidays.

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Picture of jackierenette
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Hello LoS and it is so wonderful seeing you here.Huggs.

This is going to be a great & long thread.LOL.It has to be with the family memories,right?

Great memories of when I was small.My DGM lived with us her whole life.Imagine DGM spoiling us and never spanking or punishing us.We knew if we did something DGM didn't like she would give us a scrubbing in the kitchen sink.Scrub our elbows,knees and feet raw.LOL.We laugh and reminisce about this a lot.She always bought Christmas,Easter and school items.She had us 3 little girls, and wanted us to look girly.So when we played in the garden bare footed &
we made our play house in the fruit trees.She loved it but wanted us clean & pretty.

I usally have all the family special events now.It is getting harder that DM & DF health is worst.They cant travel even 6 miles to hang out.So we drop-in there.

My BEST memories are with 1st DH family.I disliked leaving them,when we divorced.They are a very close and loving family.Every week sometimes 2 x's,all kids & familys or dates and grandparents and their siblings hung out.We always had grill outs,games and just plain fun with the GGparents.Loved the stories.My DD's have wonderful memories of them.We still talk about those times & laugh.Their GGranny would take us fishing,she taught my DD how to fish when they was toddlers,LOL.She & her sibling all drove til they was in their 90's.

My DH now,his family in NC don't get together much.It seems like the only time they all get together is when we come up for holiday visits,2 x's a year.They all live close by & we live 6 hours away.We have fun,play games,target practice/skeet shoot,travel & spend the night with each one.And yes sometimes just gossip.LOL.Several of his siblings & us go to the beach together every year.

A wonderful memory will be in a few weeks.DH DF is taking us to Disney World.I have never been,so imagine my excitement (even at 45 yrs.old)LOL.DH DF is 70 yrs. and still a big kid and enjoys his time with DH,which is his baby-son.LOL.Then we will come back to NC to vacation at the beach for a week with all the family.I am going to be wore slap out.

I love reading everyone memories.Thanks for sharing and keep them coming.Smile
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