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Picture of lady of shallot
The other day was my mother's birthday. She has been gone almost 18 years but her eight granddaughters still remember her with love and gratitude and their memories seem to revolve around the food they shared with her!

"Never have I missed anyone more! I wish I had a roll of Neccos to give each of you!

6:18pm May 22
I know what you mean Kath! I think about her and miss her all the time. I always think of her one her birthday. Neccos and a cup of tea with Grandma!!
Love, Katie

6:32pm May 22
My memory is always raisin bran cereal and tea. I always felt so grown up. Then when I did get older it was how she always listened so intently to what each of us said.

She always listened, never took sides, but let each of us be our own person.

0pm May 22
"Yes Susan dear I would like you to bring Chinese... just remember I don't like my sczhuen too spicy."

9:56pm May 22
For me it is school supply shopping, and lunch at Dey Brothers downtown. She would make us pancakes for breakfast using a recipe she got from a woman on the bus. We called her the pancake lady! I never asked her what the recipe was so I don't know what made them different!

10:02pm May 22
Grandma playing the piano and me singing 'Goodnight Irene'! I have some of her recipes. Remember Tutti Frutti?!

10:45pm May 22
I thought of Grandma today too. Thanks for starting the thread Kathleen! Some of my memories are tea time Grandma playing the piano, spending time at the farm, and Grandma's smile. Her recipe for Macaroni Salad is one of Chris' all time favorite dishes. Love to all.

10:56pm May 22
Me too! I still have the recipe box Grandma helped me make and recipes like for molasses cookies Grandma wrote on index cards.

Grandma~ a dear, dear woman who never judged us, loved us unconditionally, supported us and believed in us... Treated all of us as individuals, yet loved us as one. . . at her request, I would show up with a TCBY frozen coffee yogurt or a fish sandwich which had to be from Burger King. I loved that Grandma was so current. It was never a struggle to talk with Gram,

6:32pm May 24
I thought about our sweet Grandma too. I think about her often. My fondest memories are from the farm. I loved it there. The walks with Grandpa, baking cookies and touching her yarn. It was so soft. I would hold it while she crocheted. Hope all is well with all of you.

these cousins live coast to coast, north to south but loving memories keep them connected.
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Picture of Indexlady
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A very special conversation, and wonderful memories!
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Picture of Linderhof
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LOS -- How lovely!

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Picture of Kathy_in_wlsv
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That is really special.

Life is GOOD!!
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Picture of cocok
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Your mother sounds like quite a lady! I wish I had some Neccos right now. They are one of my favorite candies.
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LOS, That conversation is so special and definitely shows that your mother was an incredible woman ~ no wonder you and your extended family have so much to celebrate!

BTW, last time I checked, the Vermont Country Store still has Neccos if anyone is interested in buying some! Cool

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Picture of Lurah
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LOS - If I might suggest making a copy of those musings and giving a copy to each granddaughter.
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Picture of lady of shallot
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These sentiments were expressed on Facebook. The ironic thing is that my mother also had 10 grandsons and only one of them wrote!

Yet they all loved her in the same way.

My Mom was pretty incredible although I can remember getting very annoyed at her. She never created or encouraged divisions among her children and their significant others. Her only son's widow described my mother just a month or so ago . . . "she was just wonderful"

My mother had great difficulties in life, economically and my dad was no day at the beach, but she found great satisfaction in her family, her faith and her creativity.
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Aw, LOS, you are making my eyes tear. So happy you shared sme of your family with us. Your mom does, indeed, sound very special. I am happy you have such wonderful memories.
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